The other day I got to be present at one of our Instalive takeover series at this restaurant in VI.

By the way, do you guys watch our Instalive videos? We occasionally get to feature guests to share their dining experiences in restaurants so that they can share with our Instagram audience via a real-time live session. If you’ve missed any of our live sessions, you should totally check a few of them we’ve saved here on our IGTV.

Anyway, on this day, we got to feature Instagrammers @didisassy and @thepamilerin at 7 Square Restaurant. You can head on to see the video here.

Apparently, 7 Square is a new restaurant that opened just weeks to when this article was being written and I was super charged to checking the place out because, lately I’ve been visiting restaurants that have mostly been open for a while. It was nice to try out an entirely new place this time around. So yea, the restaurant was new and fresh, and everything in it was clean and sparkly…..but I didn’t check this restaurant out just to let you know it was clean and sparkly, I’d like to let you know the details about the restaurant for whenever you choose to visit.

We chose to visit the restaurant in the morning hours of Tuesday with the hopes that there wouldn’t be many guests in it, but lo and behold, we still met a nearly full-house, Didi and Pamilerin decided to still go on with the live video cos it really wasn’t much of a big deal anyway. At this point where they both started their live thing, I took the liberty of checking out the entire space.

Before I talk about the space, here are two key things I’d like to point out…1, one of the owners is a chef, and you could sense his passion for management, during the whole time of our stay, his presence was found in every table you turn. He was literally with every guest either making them more comfortable, or gathering thoughts from them. This is what happens when a chef is at the forefront of his restaurant, no stones will be left unturned.

2, this has to be the only restaurant in Lagos that I know of that houses a grill and a wood-fired Italian styled pizzeria right inside of the indoor dining area! If you have a picture of this in your head, you’d realise how cool this feat really is. Let me take you a little bit outside of the restaurant, unlike most establishments in VI, the restaurant has a very large parking space inside the premises, and just beside it was the outdoor area for lounging and smoking. I particularly liked the fact that even though it was set out in a very airy outdoor space, they had made provisions for typhoon fans hanging on the walls and even on the trees to help with some cool air on a hot afternoon. Moving into the inside, it was well lit with florescent bulbs, minimal décor and well comfy chairs. Inside of the restaurant was demarcated into two areas with a glass sliding door. The first area housed a modern wine bar with variety of European wines on the wall, just beside an open sitting bar area and the dining hall with seats set out to accommodate various dining arrangements. The other section of the restaurant is the part I earlier mentioned that had the grill and pizzeria area. This area of the restaurant was quite fascinating to me, and this was the area we all got to seat and dine after the live video. One very fascinating thing about this area of the restaurant was the décor. Till now, I can’t understand how the concept of having a tree trunk pass right through the middle of the restaurant to the roof was even made possible. It will be nice to see pictures of this for your better understanding. See pictures here.

While seated, Pamilerin brought to my attention of smoke in the room, I looked around and noticed some incense, so I called the attention of the waiter to ask some questions. He explained that burning of coffee beans helps keep flying insects away. That was something new for me so I Googled it real quick, and that was true. So, yes, it burns without actually polluting the air for diners, while still keeping the room comfortable.

It was time to order for some food! Didi was the first to rush the menu from the waiter who brought them to us, her observation was that it wasn’t too bulky, just a simple menu with simple continental dishes, nothing extremely out of the ordinary. The menu was packed with one burger meal, one seafood meal, one beef meal and one poultry meal, a longer list of starters and a few sides. So we picked our orders which was The Cordon Bleu for Didi, the Ocean Fish Fillet for Pamilerin, and a Hamburger for me. Cocktails included Forbidden Island, FJ Signature, and 7Square Style which I had.

I particularly loved how meals were served here, which also had the 7Square signature dripped with sauce. The food presentation was 100%. Restaurants should learn that food presentation matters a lot in serving. Researches have been conducted, showing that meal presentation either sparks your appetite or kills it, and I must say that 7Sqauare did a good job with sparking up our appetite with food serving. While we were eating, I had myself occupied with some football games on TV as Pamilerin and Didi were still live on IG. A split second later, Didi’s plate was empty, but Pamilerin didn’t have his fish….apparently, he’s not a fish person, so I wondered why he ordered that in the first place.

Anyway, overall, 7Square is a really cool place if what you’re looking for is a semi-outdoor casual dining experience with continental fusion cuisine. This is some place you have to try out sometime!


CORDON BLEU – ₦8,500


HAMBURGER – ₦4,500



7SQUARE STYLE – ₦3,500




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