Relaxed Sunday evening…..Explore Mode activated…..Food on my mind…..Art Café!

I was ready to be blown away as I drove into the street of this café that seems to be the cool spot for the artsy ones.

And just as I got to the entrance/parking area, my excitement got deflated like a needle-balloon situation. As cars were trying to leave, some were trying to park, all from a tiny space which shouldn’t take more 5 cars. Chaos, I tell you. After watching the cars before me battle, it was time to embark on my driving school test….squeezing into the tiniest space ever.

I came out of the car exhausted and walked lifelessly into the building.

One step of my foot on their big red staircase and I felt alive again, the floor was embedded with some of jewel-like beauties. “Yaaas this must be what the hype is all about” I thought to myself as I walked up the stairs while peeping at my jewels. On getting to the top, I found a terrace-like setup with lots of people casually drinking glasses of beer. On the corner, there was a big tv screen showing soccer and of course more men and beer.

Typically, I made my way indoors. CK and his friend were there discussing work. Now that I think about it, doubt there was any music in the background because we had lots of conversation all through. The lighting was quite dim which baffles me because there’s so much art to be appreciated. From the light bulbs being hung up with broken wine bottles to the light lamps being bottles, ever seen a Heineken lamp? Lol, that was there too. The walls either drip off paintings or wine corks or blocks laid in intriguing fashion. Oooo yes, even the tables are metal art, seriously everything in there is handmade art.

After a few minutes of looking around, it was time for food. This was when I realized no waiter had walked up to us all the while, as a matter of fact, we couldn’t even get a hold of the menus. We started turning our necks in search of one but no, they were nowhere to be found. CK had to go all the way to the bar (bartender) to ask for their menu. Even after scanning through the very café-like menu, there was still no waiter in sight. Soon after, I sighted a waitress who seemed very indulged in her phone. We finally got her to take our orders….Lasagna, fries and suya….yes, they have normal mallam standard suya.

Prices were quite shocking for the portion sizes. Plus, since the place sells as an art environment, I expected some artistic food presentation but nothing of such.

By the time, our tummies were half filled up, CK and friend decided it was football time 🙄 Fortunately for me, our sitting arrangement was backing the TV. Actually I think they placed the TV only for people who sit in the bar area. They weren’t in the mood to sit on bar stools or outside in the big screen place so we decided to leave, the space was beginning to get filled up with more “hip” people anyway. I decided to check out their art store in the basement….best decision of the day. I found some pretty candle holders and antique jewelry. Walking down the jeweled stairs was again a fun exercise and this time, I got a proper view of a dramatic flower pot arrangement by the wall….definitely arty and picture worthy.

Of course, driving out of my tiny space was depressing….what a mix of emotions. But overall, it’s quite a good place. I’d recommend here for you if you just want to sit over a pint of beer with a very few friends than to have an actual group dining experience.




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