It’s strange how a brand name could represent so much about the business, how the name of a brand is a delicate and integral part of its entire identity.  

I found this restaurant on Instagram, they must have liked a picture of mine or so, so I checked them out on IG. I actually didn’t have interest in visiting the restaurant until one day I had a work errand at Novare Mall, so I decided to check the place out since I was around the corner.  

I was first intrigued by their choice of name and if you know me well, you would know my love for exploration and never ceasing appetite to satisfy my curiosity. Bottom line, I just had to know what the name “The Autobiography” was really about. Was it just another usual relaxation spot with an abnormal restaurant name or was there really something else to it? 

Now I’m standing in front of this estate, The Emperor Estate just beside the Mall, two floors above Domino’s Pizza was this restaurant with a terrace lounge that was actually on top a swimming pool!  A Swimming pool on top a roof with a lounge on top the swimming pool, how cool was that?! 😱 Don’t worry, allow me give you the full gist about this place. 

Getting into the restaurant, on the sight of the neon lights with the Autobiography logo on I knew I was going to be surprised. The frames lined up on the wall by the stairs leading to entrance had these cool frames on the wall of great Africans and African American personalities with some significant quotes of theirs. At that point I began to feel that this place was not going to be about the food and space, there was more to this place. You know how they say first impression matters, well they did a pretty good job at creating that. The dim gray coach placed just below the neon sign of the restaurant with real life green plants just behind the seat spoke volumes…these people had an eye for aesthetics and details. 

Going into the main space, I noticed how they took advantage of the fact that they were sited at the roof top… the glass walls and the breezy feel in the whole space just made it easy to feel calm and relaxed even if the ACs aren’t on, it also made here feel like a semi-outdoor dining experience. Or, actually it is a semi-outdoor diner 🤷🏾‍♂️. At this point of being seated by a cheerful waitress, I decided to take my time to explore the restaurant’s space while waiting for my Mojito which I had ordered alongside my lunch. It turned out that here isn’t just a regular restaurant, it’s more like a restaurant fit for evening hangout, work break meals, first date experience, and telling from the large speakers and a DJ stand, I’d say it could be a club on some nights. Although, upon asking, they did mention a Sunday family dining package, and they also did mention that kids are only allowed here on Sundays till 5pm, so I wouldn’t particularly place the restaurant as a family dining restaurant, unless otherwise stated in their flyers.  

While still taking my stroll, I noticed this wide screen TV that had a picture of Laurence Fishburne with a detailed narration of major achievements in his film career, so I asked what the concept was about, and they explained to me that the TV screen was used as a medium of celebrating the black race. The restaurant wasn’t just another great place to hang out, it was a place that stood for something, a movement, a place where African heroes where celebrated, which they had craftily intertwined into the brand, service, ambience and mission of The Autobiography. 

Now, the pretty waitress served me my Mojito while I waited for my meal which was Spaghetti and Chicken wings. There were just so many things to admire in the restaurant’s space. A lot of details were put into every element that played a role in the overall ambiance of the place. The décor themselves spoke volumes, black and gold coloured ball like ornament were hung up to a uniquely designed ceiling partitioned into two halves, first half was cleverly designed with glasses and the second half had a plain white design. I wonder for some seconds if the floor were really made of wood, the wood like floor arrangement gave it an earthy outdoor feel, together with the glass walls that demarcated the indoor space from the outdoor. Looking through the glass walls, it was obvious that there was more about this place. 

While I waited for my meal which was running over 15 minutes now (taking more time than I expected), I decided to explore the outdoor lounge demarcated by a glass wall and door. The exterior was properly roofed with a relaxed lounge outdoor setting. I recognized that they had made an intelligent effort to maximize space, it was somewhat like a “Maxi-Combo relaxation spot”, if there is an expression like that. I mean, a swimming pool just underneath the wooden platform where the seating area was arranged, what a great use of space! This means that you can literally be swimming under the floors of the lounge. I wish I can really emphasise how cool this is, but maybe you’d have to go check this one out yourself. A grill, a swimming pool, flat screen TVs, lounging area all in a minimal outdoor space, very creative. Because it was on the roof top, the view was beautiful, perfect place to admire both the sunset and the beautiful view of Novare Mall especially at night. After my tour, I headed back inside. 

My yummy looking Spaghetti Primavera and gigantic very spicy Chicken Wings finally came in, I ate and I enjoyed it. Although, I had almost finished my Mojito when my order was arrived, which makes me wonder, only if waiters could ask their dinners when ordering if they wanted their drinks served before their meals or if they were to come in together, cos I’m eating, I’d have to order another drink to go along. Not cool mehn 😒 

Well, after my experience it definitely would be unfair for me to call The Autobiography just a restaurant. In all, The Autobiography does live up to its promise: lounge, restaurant, grill and music.  

Do you love roof top restaurants? Does this make you want to experience this cool rooftop space?  



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