We all know how Mondays can be; meetings here and there, traffic and it’s of course always a long day!…So my colleagues and I were on our way back to the office from this amazing deal we just sealed for our company when we got stuck in traffic along Freedom way. The traffic wasn’t funny and it was gradually killing our unusual “Monday Vibe” (I mean what could be more exciting than sealing a 30 Billion Naira deal on a Monday? 😉). Just kidding it was just a small deal we’ve been pursuing for a while now, still excited though.  

While they were all getting uncomfortable with the rate at which the traffic was going, all I could think of was my rumbling stomach. My colleague Femi spotted a “BamBukka” signpost just by the roadside. The name made it obvious it was just another road-side bukka.

This also made me remember that sometime ago, whoever manages their Instagram page dropped a comment on @dme_ng saying something about stopping by whenever there’s traffic. What an irony how I was led here. Lol. 

I was behind the wheel so I headed here for a quick stop over work-break lunch. We all stepped into the premises and the first thing that caught Femi’s attention was the outdoor Grill (Femi can actually kill for grills) and some wooden primary school classroom-looking seats that brings back some old time nostalgic feeling, here must be the outdoor patio of the restaurant I guess. My other colleague Chioma (Not Davido’s Chioma o lol) was a bit skeptical about the place, but her second thought struck when she got the calmest welcoming from someone I suppose is the manager, unlike most restaurants where their managers sit in their offices and expect every other thing to run smoothly in their restaurant 🙄. To be honest, it seemed quite strange to her, cos she really thought here was just a normal bukka. Chioma said she would prefer us to seat at a cool spot that has little light to suit the cool background music that was playing, the ground floor had a family dining seating arrangement with bright coloured walls here and there, but we just wanted upstairs. 

So the manager led us to the mini lounge upstairs and before I could say Jack, Chioma had occupied the perfect seat (which happens to be the only table surrounded by four sofa chairs) at the corner. Left for Femi and I, we would have loved to sit at the smoking arena outside, not cos we smoke, but sometimes you just want to enjoy a decent meal with natural breeze. I could also refer here to be an outdoor lounge branded with Heineken patio seats and shade covers, the idea must be to enjoy the outdoor views of a part of Lekki, and it’s also a perfect spot to see how the traffic was doing, but as gentlemen, the choice wasn’t ours to make so we went back to “Chioma’s spot”. Femi and I were carried away with Premier League games argument that we forgot we never placed our order…of course our dear Chioma was lost in the conversation so the next thing we heard was the sound of a bell which was actually placed on the center of the table (Chioma actually rang the bell to distract our argument)…Femi and I chose to ignore it (it’s actually not that easy to interrupt a “football conversation”)….the next thing I heard was “you called to take your order sir”. Femi and I were lost for a moment but decided to place our order. To be honest, it might be the little things that impress me, but I love the idea of placing ping bells on tables. Nobody, especially I, want to be trying all my possible best to get the attention of waiters. More restaurants should adopt this, you will have more customers and I will be your most loyal customer.  

Okay, so slay mama Chioma ordered for Chicken Suya and fried sweet Potatos, Femi ordered his favorite, Grilled Fish and Yam fries. As a foodie that I am, I went for the real deal Sea Food Okra and Semo.

We all had glasses of Cocktails served in gigantic glasses which included a Chapman, a Mojito and Fruit Punch to top up our order. While we were patiently waiting for our orders, Femi and I got carried away as we were both watching the match highlights that was showing on TV. 

Our order was ready in few minutes and the waiter called my attention to it. What an impressive way of serving local dishes, served with wood, wasn’t sure of where our meal was seated upon, so I asked, the manager says it’s teak wood aged for over 20 years. That must be really expensive! 🤔 As that was not mind blowing enough, our cocktails arrived in highball glasses that seemed almost impossible to finish. To be honest, I have never seen a restaurant serve cocktails this plenty in my life. Or did they have some extra that day to spare? But as the certified foodie, it gave me so much joy and I was sooo ready to have it to the last sip after all is value for my money. My freshly made Seafood Okra soup and Semo came through few minutes later…it didn’t just look good it tasted really good that I thought my mum prepared it. The portion was out of this world that I didn’t finish it but still took out (yeah…I know I was supposed to finish it right there but I cannot “coman kill myself”)….I couldn’t take my mind off the chicken suya and grilled fish the supposed couples had…you can bet that I’ll definitely visit again to have a taste of the same. 

At this point, traffic was clear, we stayed a few more minutes or close to an hour for our food to digest because we knew that portions like what we had takes longer than the usual to sink in. So we stayed here and watched TV until it was closing of work hours, at this point, we said all our good byes, and off we went home! So in summary, instead of the usual “long day” Monday, I had an “awesome day” Monday! 😃  




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