Since I moved from Surulere to Lekki, I’ve been driving all the way back to my guy’s salon in Lere to get my haircut because I’m a typical Nigerian, I DONT TRUST ANYBODY. Last weekend, my car had issues and I had to send it down to the mechanic. I thought of taking an Uber down to Surulere, but, that meant cutting my hair for ₦1000 and paying an estimate of about ₦3,000 for a cab, that didn’t make any sense at all. Finally, I decided to go out for a drink. Been eyeing this place off Admiralty way for weeks now, so I decided to take a stroll that turned into a whole new experience, LITERALLY!!!!

On getting to BarBar, I particularly liked the entrance, it reminded me of drive-thrus (I wish we had many of this in Nigeria). This faux drive-thru was actually an open bar setting, I found this extremely cool for no particular reason. While getting into the bar, saw a snooker table and a space that looked weird, but overlooked it and went straight to the bar, a waiter approached me immediately (why do these waiters have no chill?). I immediately noticed the waiters “bling bling” hand chain, lol, awesome guy by the way, he followed me all the way to find an ATM when my village people wanted to disgrace my destiny.

Back to my gist, menu was very straight forward, don’t you just hate it when menus are filled with all sorts of nonsense like snake anus sauce, yam salad, tortoise feet, bla bla.

Being the foodie that I am, I settled for the platter deal of 6K which included Sliders, Calamari and Wings (yes, I ate it all by myself, judge me not, you’re not my Jesus). Please note that this ₦6,000 platter is enough for 2 normal people, I only ate it all because I’m not a normal person🤦🏻‍♀️.

They also have pretty decent deals on the menu for less than 6K, the menu was designed in a way that you could have whatever you wanted in a platter, the menu was actually budget friendly.

The cocktails were priced between ₦2000 – ₦2,500, hence, my decision to respect my pocket and go with water 😂. The waiter saw my face and informed me that I could get the cocktail for free if I got a haircut, then it all dawned on me, the “weird space” I saw at the entrance was actually a barbershop and that’s why it was named “BarBar”- like a barbershop inside a bar- wow, Genius, I immediately fell in love with BarBar… obviously, I opted for a haircut to get myself a free cocktail and guess what? I won’t be going back to Surulere, the barber here is awesome and he even gave me a little background story of the bar. He said it was founded by 3 friends who lived in America for a long time and they decided to set up this unique restaurant in Lagos, this explained the American feel of the restaurant.

After my haircut which cost me just 2K, I settled for my 6K platter and now, “FREE COCKTAIL”. I felt like a king & didn’t have to feel like a foodie cause the bar was quiet and had the perfect lighting, dark blue and red neon lights that reminded me of Amsterdam’s red-light district.

The set up was good although the furniture was quite large for my size. As for the other places like the bathroom, it was just functional, nothing fancy. The food presentation; they didn’t use any chinaware for the food, just a cute black basket-like plate with checker design papers for the food, nothing too fancy.

On my way out, I noticed they actually had enough parking space and also noticed the logo, which I now understood. The logo was simple and just said “BarBar” in a unique style that portrays an infusion of a pair of scissors, signifying “cuts” and a mixture of red and blue liquid in a cocktail cup, hence “the cocktail”. These colours probably also explains the blue and red neon lights in the dining area.

My future plan for this place will be to visit with a girlfriend, get a haircut and give her the free cocktail 😋she wouldn’t know the cocktail’s free 😀.

Haircut’s well priced at ₦2,000 Standard with free cocktails and ₦1,000 on Fridays, so I get to kill 2 birds with one stone, or should I say with one cocktail? lol.

What I think is that this place was made to be a standard evening spot for guys mostly because you get to chill and also get a haircut, but well, open for ladies as well. Did I mention there’s a snooker table as well? Oh yes, I did.

Pretty much covered it all then.

Thank me after your visit and don’t forget to drop your comments and thoughts about Barbar below…..I wish you a “barbarian” experience 😀

CONTRIBUTOR: Gidi On a Budget




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