I was on fire guys! Actually, at some point, I literally was on fire…. for the first time in my life, I had a flaming shot! More like, two flaming shots!

Pardon my exclamations, the excitement is just a lot for me to handle.

Always wanted to visit CrossRoads for three major gists in town; 1, they house the LONGEST BAR in Nigeria, yup you read that right, 2, they serve flaming hot tequila shots (I haven’t heard of any other place in Lagos capable of safely putting their drinks on fire), 3, the Cuban cigars!

But because they open up their doors at 6PM, my visit kept on getting carried over….when you live with a mother like mine, you just want to get home before it’s dark. But on Thursday, I just couldn’t hold myself back when CK mentioned he was going there to watch a football game. You should have seen my majestic walk through their sophisticated revolving door…. yes, yes, the Queen has arrived….and of course the bar also majestically welcomed me…..the bar goes all the way in round fashion, definitely the longest I have seen with a lot of bartenders, and well decorated with some fancy drop lights (I really can’t explain with words, just see pictures, here lol).

So, I sat here at the bar, even though the restaurant has a dining area and a lounge section. The lounge area was very fancy and coded with less light (you know, the big boys of Lagos don’t like much light, lol), wide and round sofas that should perfectly fit for large groups, while the dining area was like a massive piece of land in the restaurant’s setting. This area was so big and seats and tables here should be able to host groups as many as 30 or more even.

Just between the bar area and the dining area was the live band and DJ stand. This place is definitely a combination of good music and Texmex style dining, but I was told that if I visited on Wednesdays, it’s almost like a club in here with a combination of music from the live band in the early hours of the night, then DJ for the late hours of the night.

So, back to my story, my first order of business was a flaming shot to get my party started and boy, was it worth the thrill? Definitely! Watching Mr. Sadiq (one of the nicest barmen you will ever meet) go through the process of layering the shot then firing it up and getting you pumped to sip it in one drag is one experience you need! I did it again and loved it even more. My stomach immediately fell open, I needed food!


CrossRoads is a TexMex Restaurant, and everything on the menu was either Texan or Mexican. So as I opened up the menu spotted all these Mexican food names, I began checking for their descriptions, hoping there’ll be something there that my stomach can contain (See full menu here). You don’t want to have such fancy foods and later have a fancy visit to the bathroom. The food menu was pretty straight forward and not confusing at all. At this point, the hunger in my tummy needed no snack-like food, so Prawn Brochette (Grilled Tiger Prawns with Rice) seemed more like it. I went with Red rice, which basically looked like Nigerian jollof, with some fancy Espeteda (skewer) stand suspended over the rice. The price had me dizzy at first, ₦16,000!!! 😱 but the portion was quite understanding, I bet it can nearly fill 2 empty stomachs.

CK went with wings and fries, which I picked on….gluttony at its finest. I felt his choice was too basic but then he stepped up his game in the drink department….two very “not basic” cocktails! First was “DJ Cuppy”, yes famous DJ Cuppy mixed and scratched this recipe.

Next, “Billion Dollar Baby” which is a cute size bottle of Hennessy suspended into a large glass of frozen cocktail….pretty fancy! I was tempted to try them out but water just felt like Gold at that moment.

For last, we shared a very happy plate of Churros for dessert. These people sure know how to have your appetite worked up with their presentations. Babies (churros) came on some rustic pretty note, served on a wooden platter, ice-cream on the side with the cutest metal spoon and a tiny glass of carefully piped chocolate cream over vanilla cream….worth every dip, bite and melt in the mouth!

After my hearty meal, it was time for a bathroom break….another majestic walk down a spiral staircase into a relaxing hallway with mirrors, chairs and Art before the doors to the main bathrooms. I spent about 10 minutes taking mirror pictures and back portraits then another 10 just sitting on their big red sofa and appreciating a painting on the wall. How many bar bathrooms are cool enough for chills? This simply fascinated me.

I would definitely be going back on a Wednesday night for the Tex-Mex Night, I heard it’s the hottest nightlife zone in Lagos on Wednesdays. I am so going to have a taste of DJ Cuppy cocktail, Cuban cigar (I’m obsessed with those things even though I am not a smoker). Who’s going in with me?

CONTRIBUTOR: @thefoodlover.com.ng




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