We all have our favourite things. That favourite tie you wear because you love how it feels so much it’s like a lucky charm; your favourite shirt that was a gift from a dear friend; that pair of sneakers that you can’t seem to let go off because they just fit you so well.

This doesn’t of course, mean that you don’t have other options to choose from. You do, but sentiments have made that one particular thing the favourite amongst the others that you have.

Even having a favourite restaurant is a thing; the one restaurant you go to constantly because you enjoy the service, the food or you just like the way it looks and feels. And that’s a good thing, nothing wrong with having a restaurant you go to over and over. Admittedly, this may go contrary to previous advice about experimenting with different restaurants to get some excitement and variation into your night, but the truth is you can’t quite do that every single time. Sometimes you just want to pick a spot you’re familiar with, order something you enjoy, have at it and then rub your belly over a good day’s meal.

Having that one restaurant you can always go to, that one place that feels like your spot, is not a bad thing in itself. It can feel like having your favourite salon; the owner(s), other patrons and staff that work at the place get to know who you are, and that in turn makes things run smoother for you.

Think about it; you walk into your favourite restaurant and pick out your favourite table. You’re something like a stable sight in the place, so there’s a waiter who knows to come wait at a table; trust us when we say having a waiter who knows you well enough to constantly wait at your table is a really good thing. Having your ‘own’ waiter, so to speak, means your chances at better services and faster meal times go up significantly. Works even better if the maitre d’ is familiar with your face.

These things don’t count if you’re a lousy patron though, so it’s worth noting at this point that you should be the type of person that the restaurant is happy receiving and serving. And you don’t even have to pop in every single day; let’s face it, that’s probably an impossibility unless your office space is actually in the restaurant.

If getting chummy with a waiter is one thing, now imagine how well that’d go with your meals. You’d probably already have a favourite meal (or some favourites) so the waiter is quick enough with picking what you want.

“Good evening. Would you be having the usual?”

“Oh yes yes. And add a bottle of champagne. Surprise me.”

“Very good.” And the waiter walks off to get your things sorted out.

Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it?

Now, what’s even better is that this doesn’t just have to be at one restaurant. You don’t have to just stick with one restaurant, when you have the ability to get yourself acquainted with several ones offering you different kinds of special services. Your first favourite might offer poor TV positioning, and you (and possibly your crew) would want to watch this highly anticipated football game. Do you have to sacrifice your special TV time because the restaurant which is your favourite doesn’t give you good seats with good views? Not necessarily. You can get seated in another restaurant with better TVs for your viewership.

This is of course a crude example, but at least the idea has come across. After all, one of the beauties of Lagos is the fact that it offers you with a lot of variety

And truly, the variety could get overwhelming.

I guess the summary is that, sometimes, you just need to have a little bit more than one favourite place, and here are a couple of restaurants you can make your favourites.



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