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Hanging out with Don Pablo (yes, the one and only Pablo Escobar) has earned me a new cool kid status and you can’t sit with me if you don’t lounge at Escobar Lagos!

Okay, jokes apart….I had an amazing time after work yesterday at this lounge with CK and his friend. The name of this lounge had been raving in my mind since their Halloween party pictures dazzled my Instagram feed so we decided to visit. The experience was a clear opposite of disappointment which is usually what we tune our minds to expect when visiting places with popping social media pages (in order to avoid heartbreak) but if anything, I believe their Instagram didn’t even sell how “popping” they are enough.

This isn’t a history class, but for the benefit of those who don’t know, Pablo Escobar was one of the world’s most notorious criminal, an extremely wealthy drug Lord often called “The Cocaine King”. Now, you might wonder why he is being celebrated enough to have a lounge take his name……“This man was sort of the Robin hood of his time, he took from the rich and gave to the poor” those were the exact words used to explain by one of the co-owners who we eventually got to hang with, actually we had two of them on our table….haha told you I’m now a babygirl. These people are extremely passionate about what they do judging from the enthusiasm in their interactions and how they indulged all of us customers in the lounge. Of course, I was hooked and my plenty questions earned me a grand tour of the entire place which by the way drips of El Patrón! Both co-owners have a lot of growing up memories tied to this building. Apparently, they are friends with a family that lived here and they threw the best house parties in their teenage times…which explains why they put in a lot of soul into redesigning and transforming the space into a lounge/night diner with the effortlessly classy Colombian feel.

Escobar is partitioned into four sections, there’s the main room which houses an exotic looking bar and DJ booth (you have to see the bamboo work put into them to understand the exoticness), then there’s a games room with a TV for watching football, and a pool table, there’s also a smoking lounge – Burgundy lounge, and lastly, a semi-enclosed room with an oomph of more boss-ness, maybe it’s the fact that the lighting is dimmer than the rest. Ahaa!! I have to speak about the lighting system of this place, never ever have I seen so much details put into lights! Imagine intensely dim lightbulbs dancing or coming up in flames in dreamy fashion….. the holders were absolutely eye catchy….rustic lamp and torch-like beauties. FYI if you are looking for any missing traffic lights in Lagos, do not say I told you but it’s probably hanging as a disco light in Escobar Lounge 😂

I thoroughly enjoyed soaking in the décor which steadily transported me half of the time to Colombia and the other half to Cuba. One thing that blew my mind away is the space, don’t you just hate it when lounges are made so crammed up that the air conditioning isn’t even effective? I doubt that will ever be the case here as there’s just a lot of room with comfortable lounging chairs and tables.

Now my favourite part, you might think that a lounge would mostly bring drinks to the table than food, well, that isn’t the case for Escobar, baby I’m going back there for the FOOD! Yes, the cocktails we had (2 Ruby’s Fantasy & The Zombie) were wickedly good and served with a very unique cocktail glass set.

So, we started off with a few Colombian fusion light bites (Aborrajado, Patacones, Plantain Burgers and Crunchy Chicken) then worked our way up to the mains (4-meat BBQ platter, Arroz Mixto, Nigerian Jollof and Pescado Frito).


See Menu here for details of unfamiliar names but what I can tell you for free is that this is one of the healthiest indulgences you would ever partake in or at least, it was for me! Colombian cuisine is big on plantains and the Escobar kitchen is definitely not shy to make them the star of a lot of their dishes. As it is typical for us Nigerians to eat a lot of carbs and flour-based meals, seeing plantains being used so fantastically well as a switch really brought it home for me. With the generosity of their meal portions, it was definitely a feast here. Please ensure to go here with an empty stomach! Even the starters here could fill you up. Thanks to CK’s friend, I couldn’t get any leftovers for bedtime (yes, I like to eat in bed).

Time to leave and as we stepped out, I realized my ears wanted to go back in! All the while, the music was one of my transporters to Latin America…. upbeat Caribbean jams had mesmerized me unconsciously….but as they say, every good thing has to come to an end.

It’s a good thing they’ve got large parking space because CK and friends decided to casually stand right in the middle for another round of argument over Nigerian politics while I just took in serenity of the environment.


Courtesy: The Food Lover



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