Bollywood is real guys…..Every scene that involves family mealtime in Indian movies amazes me! The amount of food is usually jaw dropping and I have found myself wishing to be part of such food feasts a couple of times. 

Thankfully, I had the opportunity to experience the full Indian taste journey last week and boy, was it blissful? 

As usual, CK and I were looking for a cozy restaurant to have lunch on Monday but of course, majority of Lagos restaurants have decided to make Mondays their rest day. 

Google search happened and *bleep* Viceroy Restaurant comes up….description read “Fine dining Indian….”, curiosity had the better of us at this point. We had never tried Indian food so why not try it out stylishly? 

We arrived a few minutes later, very easy to locate on the popular Akin Adesola Street in VI, parking was a bit of a mental challenge but we got in and I instantly forgot my parking problems, don’t know if it was the restaurant’s Indian-themed well-lit decor or the smiling face of a lady who welcomed us (we later figured out that this was one the owners and sure, we famzed her). The restaurant’s hall space was very large and I could tell it could comfortably host over 80 guests in one hall. Seats and tables well-spaced, accommodating various types of seating arrangements from couples dining, to very very large group dining, the seating arrangements here seemed like they’ve got you covered. 

So we got seated in by a waiter and he handed over the most extensive menu ever, a very long menu with tiny fonts, I couldn’t count the number of dishes they had here. Name the Indian dish you’re craving and I’m certain it was in this menu. I could also tell that they must be catering to a lot of Nigerians because every dish (traditional Indian and a bit of continental) carried detailed explanations in English and were all spicy. We were indeed spoiled for choice and this is where the famzing started, CK got “smiling face lady” to advise us on what to get, we mentioned random things we like, don’t like, stylishly mentioned our budget and she had our back. Less than 15 mins later, food came flowing in like we were in the land of milk and honey. Curries ,Naans, Biryani (If you watch Food Network, Biryani might get you excited like me), Lollipop-d Chicken, Butterflied Grilled Prawns, Tandoori Skewers….endless list!

Ooo CK’s colleagues joined us, our gluttony has not reached that level. Basically, we had a feast just like we watch in ZeeWorld. And yes, there was soft Indian Music in the background. It just felt like I was at home having great conversation with close friends even though I normally don’t care much about CK’s work people, the food must have kicked in some fun into their bloodstreams.  

We all knew we wanted to come back here some other time so we asked “Smiling face lady” if we could get a tour as there was clearly a staircase that led to maybe a bigger land of milk & honey? She was more than happy to, we started off at a private dining area also downstairs which can seat about 15 people conveniently with a big TV screen, one of CK’s colleagues was already planning how they should gather here to watch a football game and we were informed that they could get discounts or free beer, you should have seen the grin on their man faces. 

Next, we went upstairs to a bigger dining room, more like a banquet sitting, disco lights, DJ space, well set-up bar right by the door…clearly perfect for a party. It then occurred to me that we had been shown a bar downstairs as well with bar stools and all. We finally toured one last room which again got Ck’s work people excited, a conference room which she explained to us was offered with flexible prices. CK’s people started talking about how they never get to do seminars outside their workspace because VI prices are forever high and fixed but of course I was rolling my eyes and finding my way downstairs while talking to “Smiling face lady”, I wanted to meet the chef behind the food feast and say a big fat thank you. She had a waiter call him, actually them.…two chefs had gone all out for us! The male team joined us in time and we said our many thanks. At this point, smiling face lady handed us over to her husband as she had to attend to a set of new guests who would be having a party there, they were there for a menu tasting and I was jealous of them even with my protruding stomach. The husband was also a pleasant host, he told us about their Sunday brunch buffet which goes at N5,500 per adult and N3,000 per child…quite a good price if they serve the kind of food I just indulged in.  

Now, let me gossip….from my observations and findings, Viceroy is a family oriented place, their menu is filled with recipes created by the very passionate “smiling face lady” and her family…even the cocktail menu clearly had a special touch. 

I really can’t wait to bring my mum who is an ardent ZeeWorld watcher here for the Sunday buffet, she needs to experience what I felt. 

The way I’m going to storm this restaurant back to back, they aren’t even ready! 😄 





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