Hi guys, I’m Busayo from Explore with Busayo, and I want to share with you everything I got to experience in this really cool Indian restaurant I recently visited. If you already follow me on Instagram, you would of course know my explorations and adventures. I love to travel, I love to see new places to experience and I want to share with you in any way possible. I’ve often thought of incorporating food and restaurant exploration into a section of my offerings, so I’ve been doing a lot of reading about food and restaurant reviews online, this explains how I got glued into this dme.ng journal I’m currently writing on. 

Instagram has really blessed me with the coolest friends ever. Recently I’ve been meeting great people, and ever since I started with my travel adventures, I now get to connect more with businesses, groups and organizations. This has now boosted my morale to sliding into DMs, especially when I have a feedback. Take for example how I slid into this Instagram DM, to my surprise, they were interested in a collaboration.  

 To be honest, till now, I wouldn’t know whether or not to call this a collaboration. I just loved the idea of checking out a random restaurant of their choosing. So they sponsored me to help them experience a restaurant, then takeover their Instagram page. It was my first time of a takeover, so heck yea, I jumped into the idea.  

On this Thursday, I got to visit Gypsy’s Indian Restaurant at Illupeju. To be honest, I was happy that I was going to experience a restaurant that was named out of the idea of “people travelling”, yes, “Gypsys” means; a group of travelers, but then again, when the address was sent to me, I was wondering what an Indian restaurant will be doing in Ilupeju, most cultural restaurants are sited around the Island axis of Lagos so I wasn’t too sure I wanted to go on with this adventure, but my boredom at home + freedom that day got the best of me, I thought I should just accept the offer and see what this Indian Restaurant had. I called my friend, Femi to tag along cos I wasn’t sure I will get the full experience of a restaurant if I dined alone. Upon my friend and I getting there, here were my observations…. 

This restaurant occupies the other half of a twin duplex, and since both the up floor and ground floor were covered with glass, I was able to get a sneak view of inside of the restaurant from outside. And O boy! Did I see a full house? Not only did I see a full house, the restaurant on this day was full of Middle Easterners, especially Indians. I was wondering where these many expats came from, are there really many of them in Ilupeju? Or probably the food here is so good that many of them came all the way from the Island? Femi and I felt like the only odd Nigerian diners in this building, so as we stepped inside and was offered a table for two, shyness had me asking this Nigerian waiter “do Nigerians ever eat here?” He giggled and replied “of course they do”, but I was still in awe, then fortunately for me, an Indian lady who appeared to be the manager of the restaurant walked up to me and further told me that a lot of Nigerians dine here because most of their meals are spicy and fits the Nigerian tongue. So I then placed my meal order which was the most common Indian foods. Tandoori Chicken, Gravy, Naans, Prawns and Rice. She then asked if I wanted to know more about the restaurant. “Of course yes!” Afterall, that was the whole purpose of visiting here . “So Please let’s do this!“ I whipped out my phone and straight to Instagram live takeover. I asked her if I was allowed to video the area and she was cool with it. So we started walking around the restaurant, as a matter of fact, we first went back outside to talk about their soon-to-launch patio which will be the smoking area for guests. This was a very nice and airy space with a little garden touch to it, pot flowers here and there, while inside was more chilled and cosy, and of course, no smoking inside.  

I checked out the seating arrangements, and I noticed downstairs had no tables for two, just a cocktail bar that could host about 5 people, so I asked why, she replied with “come on, let me take you upstairs”. I got upstairs and I was wowed! Just after the stairs was this super cosy area with dim lights and romantic décor, and already set tables for two, no TVs upstairs to avoid distractions with intimacy, this was when she explained to me that this was the lovebird’s corner, lol. I thought it was really nice. The area was well suited to accommodate at least five pairs of lovebirds. Lol 

Just further into this cosy space was another dining hall for guest, it was called the Flamingos hall. Telling from the table settings, I could tell that it could perfectly fit for group dining and hosting banquets and buffet dining for special occasions. I just loved the feel of black and white checkered floors with wooden seats and brownish cream wall painting. It really gave this place the feel of a typical Indian home, at least telling from what I see on TV 😉  

I really wished you watched me online when I was showing this place on Instagram live, there was so much more to see here that I might not have been able to put in writing.  

So at this point, our food was ready, they came in like a feast! Who knew all these things we ordered will come in such large portions! 😱 Am I sure we’re going to finish this today? Tandoori Chicken, Mutton Masala, XO Sauce Prawns, Chicken Pot Rice and Chapman in that order. My oh my. “Okay Femi, let’s start digging I guess”.  

The manager asked to be excused, I offered she should join us, but she really had to leave for a meeting. Well, I guess Femi and I are in this alone, Lol. We ate and we ate and stuffed both our mouths and our bellies. I wish we took pictures of us eating. Oh wait, it was on our live video too. You missed? Sorry. Lol. 

Anyways, I really enjoyed my experience here, especially for the fact that I was able to eat Indian food as I didn’t think I could.  

So guys, I think I will be exploring another restaurant soon enough with dme.ng, and it will be nice to keep up with me on Instagram @pricess_busayo, I will be informing you ahead of time on IG.  

Hope you liked my story, let me read your comments 😉 


CONTRIBUTOR: Busayo Adebisi




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