Ever wondered why practically all the fancy restaurants and chill-out spots are just in VI or Lekki Phase 1?

My cousin in VGC is really trying mehn. Man likes to eat out often so you can imagine the stress of taking long trips to Lekki just to eat.

I stopped by his place at VGC the other day for a weekend sleepover, I was already prepared for the regular rice diet in his house cos I knew there aren’t many chill out spots around there. So while I was driving to his place on Friday evening, I got stuck around VGC roundabout and somehow spotted a signage just beside of North West filling station, it appeared to be a restaurant but I wasn’t too sure, especially because it really wasn’t pointing to anywhere, it was just more like a fancy sign that says something like “hey, there’s a really nice restaurant over here 👋🏾”, not literally in those words. Lol.

Anyways, I recorded that in my head and continued my journey. I got to Mark’s house, without even greeting him I said “Guyyy!! You didn’t know that there’s a restaurant just near you?”. He was like, “I know one that just opened, just never had the time, we should totally go check it out now that you’re here”

So that same evening, we did. We didn’t really have any cuisine preferences in mind, we just wanted to eat any thing that calls our taste buds. We drove down there, lo and behold, it’s a fusion restaurant… variety of different cuisines from different parts of the world.

You know when you step into a restaurant’s space and you want to immediately start taking pictures? Yes, that defines this place. Very colourful! Colorful huge graffiti on the wall, colourful outdoor lounging with sofa couches, which I presume to be the smoking area as well. Outdoor was basically the main entrance to the restaurant so you definitely can’t miss all the colour inside here. We walked into the main dining area, and guess what!! More colours!! 😂 Literally everywhere, from the sits, to the lighting. An intelligent mixture of rainbow colours that will perfectly make your Instagram feed pop 😀. Anyways, enough about the colours, let’s talk about relaxation.

I’d categorise here also as a good relaxation spot considering I was able to watch some games on widescreen TVs placed at good vantage points of dining, so yes, here’s a place you can chill after work hours.

I observed that the restaurant had this house setting kind of feel, so I called the attention of the manager to ask what goes on upstairs. He explains to me, but I still went up there to look for myself. Apparently, it’s another dining space, mostly for banqueting and private dining. Also, as future plans, they intend using an empty room space over for Salsa dance classes, how cool.

Upon coming downstairs, Mark had already ordered for some food and drinks. Guess what he ordered…. Isiewu for two 😂😂. He was like “it’s not every time foreign food”. To be honest, been quite a while I had Isiewu, and I didn’t really have meal preferences anyways so I decided to just go with it. He also ordered my favourite cocktail, mojito and a smoothie for himself.

Isiewu arrived in about 30 minutes looking very attractive, served in one of those local styled shallow mortar bowls that I like to think of as big scam! 😂

Anyways, we downed it real quickly and both our taste buds very well accepted it…what remained of our bowls were different bone parts of goat head 😄

We stayed back and just chilled for a while, enjoying the good background soft music vibes while we watched as more people began to waltz in and the vibe became bubblier. Apparently, we asked, and it turns out that one of the owners happen to be a DJ, so yea, explains the music vibes.

Havilah is definitely one of those places that’s enough to change your decision from going all the way to VI or Lekki 1 just cos you want some good food and comfy dining. My cousin Mark has marked himself a new spot “pun intended” 😉


ISIEWU – ₦3,000

SMOOTHIE – ₦2,500

MOJITO – ₦3,000




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