Hey guys, do you know Chukwuma, the food guy on Instagram? Well, he happens to be a friend of mine. He once mentioned that he doesn’t really dig all these fitness meals, but he found this place on the mainland for me and asked that I try out. Well, I suggested we go together…and that was how Chukwuma and the Amazing Buki Kolade agreed upon a day to try out whole foods at The Health Bistro 😌

Apparently, my guy has tasted a few healthy foods prior to this day and already has concluded that healthy foods are always B.L.A.N.D.

So we drove into this serene estate hidden somewhere in Ikeja, shortly before our ride parked I said to Chukwuma, “I know this place nau, this is Biyou Spa”. He said “Yes, they now have a restaurant too” – Health Bistro by Biyou Spa. At this point I was eager to dash into the restaurant; blame the healthy eating lifestyle enthusiast in me. We walked in and all I could feel was very comfortable – the ambience felt very cozy with minimal decor. I’d call the space a mini-parlor, one that would conveniently house fifteen to eighteen people. I think the car park space is ideal for this number too or slightly less.

I was soaking all of this in, feeding my eyes with the display of healthy drinks in the fridge and staples on the shelf when Joyce, the owner walked in. Chukwuma was quick to engage her in a chit-chat, I snapped out of la-la land to join in the conversation.

Joyce, a Nutritionist, Dietician and Esthetician, didn’t mince words.  She told us that apart from the all-natural products and processes she uses at the spa and for beauty treatments, she also applies that at the restaurant – hence obviously Health Bistro…this certainly adds up, right?

I hadn’t had breakfast and it was slightly past noon, at this point I requested the menu from Bimpe, the service personnel. I am browsing at the menu, confused – in a good way – smiling like the Grinch even. The prices are making my heart skip in excitement…pocket friendly! Like whaaaaaaat?!

I shove Chukwuma, “pinch me” – I need to be sure I am not in fantasy land.

While we were still in our state of reverie, Kenneth whom we had been impatiently waiting for walks in. Whew! While we were waiting for our A la carte orders to arrive, we decided to order three mason jars of chilled “Agbo Zobo” a medicinal pure drink  sweetened with Dates instead of sugar, well, obviously for health reasons. Looking through the menu, we figured we would be able to order meals enough to cater to a feast without setting our pockets ablaze, as we had planned a “so you think you can eat” battle.

This was the place, the time, the day, the battle line was drawn.

Oh! We made sure to order at least a meal from each part of the menu.

And so the meals began strutting in, like queens at a beauty pageant.

The first beauty queen to emerge from the kitchen was The Wakanda Salad, followed closely by The Asun Salad.

The Wara Wrap and Akara Pancakes with a side of Egg Plant Ayamase were next in line.

The Wakanda Jollof paired with Egg Plant Ayamase and Goat meat featured afterwards and the finisher was The Seafood Okro with Tef Swallow & Fonio Swallow, all meals prepared using Olive Oil and Sea salt.

I am fitfamfoodie, so let’s just say I had a little bit of tips on my side. I suggested the guys start with their veggies (knowing full well that veggies are very filling). Let’s just say I had to tilt the scale in my favor. (inserts evil gin)

By the time our battle was over, stuffed Chukwuma said and I quote “’Buki, wow! – I didn’t know healthy food could taste this good, these meals are really nice!” Kenneth nodded in agreement.

In that moment, my mission of trying to convince Chukwuma that healthy food is yummy was accomplished. Who won the battle didn’t even matter anymore at this point, as we simply agreed to share the spoils of war fair and square with take away packs of what we had leftover.



AGBO ZOBO – ₦700


ASUN SALAD – ₦2,000

WARA WRAP – ₦1,800








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