The black shiny building with a wall fountain that drops into some massive aquarium…..greenery lurking from each corner…..magnificent nighttime view that might take your breath away… signage and no entrance gates. That is The House Café. 

If you often pass through Victoria Arobieke Street in Lekki, you’d already know where I am talking about, and you probably already wonder what goes on there. I had wondered for a few weeks, actually months even, because while this building was under construction, it was still striking. 

I recently had reasons to visit the 9Mobile service centre right opposite this building, and my amebo-ness (curiosity) got me to ask one of the attendants while pointing to the building, “what’s this place?” He tells me that it is a restaurant and of course that triggered my excitement. TGIF with CK tomorrow, he deserves a new place on me 😉.  

Fast forward to Friday evening, even though CK was scared of coming out with a car because parking might be an issue on Friday evenings, we however found easy parking slots right in the restaurant premises. So we got down from the car, now confusion struck, there were three different entrances into the restaurant. We decided to go into the one in the middle just in between the gigantic aquarium/waterfall and an outdoor patio, hoping that was the main entrance, a waiter found us immediately and got us seated. Time to clear our confusion, the waiter explained that they had three different sections….a pizzeria, coffee shop and the main restaurant which houses a lounge/shisha room and the drinks bar. At this point, guess who did a quick tour…! 

The shisha room wowed me the most with its garden-like feel and a big gigantic sculpture of an unknown Egyptian Prince or something like that, placed high up the wall and glass roof. You know what, let me give you a better picture to visualise. Imagine you’re having some drinks inside an old Egyptian tomb with plants and greenery around it, like have you seen the movie “Gods of Egypt”? Yea, there was a tomb scene like that. That’s what the lounge here looked like. Lounging in here would definitely have you feeling all shades of exotic. Best part is that the bar is right opposite it, I envisage quick drink services.  

As I walked back into the restaurant that mostly serve a fusion of continental dishes, I noticed the wall decor….the room was filled with scribbles of Egyptian writing (Hieroglyphs), statues and paintings, in-fact this restaurant started to feel like a home of Egyptian Art! Truly fascinating if you appreciate pictorial beauty.  

I could also tell from the seating arrangements that this restaurant was well suited for group and family dining, considering that they were more group seats than actual tables for two. The inside of the restaurant had this luxury feel with dark modern interior with the absence of TV, Scandinavian light-bulbs and less natural lighting. Yes, your selfies do not matter, just come and order for some good food and eat without taking pictures 😜  

CK had browsed through their Instagram page and decided that pizza was the way to go. He loves the typical Italian fire-wood oven pizza, good thing that they had it here, and to be honest, even I wasn’t ready to spend good money on a new restaurant that hasn’t gotten that much reviews online as of now that I’m writing this. So let’s just stick with pizza biko 💁🏾‍♀️. 

So this meant we had to leave the restaurant and headed to the pizzeria…..another show of beauty. It’s amazing how the art style here felt Grecian yet was still very in sync with the restaurant section. We sat at a table and placed our orders for two pizzas….each to his own. I ordered something with Chicken and CK was feeling like a margarita. I had the view of large brick-walled oven being tossed open and close and a beautiful display of wine fashioned out on the wall. Wine was off limit for us though, alcohol needed a break so I had a fruity mocktail and CK had an Americano….yes, you can be served your coffee all the way from their coffee shop down to the pizzeria. Our beautifully crusted pizzas arrived just as the evening sun fell on us and artificial candles were being lit on the tables with the art all around and music in the background….truly poetic!

Oooo did I mention that the restaurant only plays house music? Yep, you won’t find the Davidos and the Wizkids living here 😂. The speakers in the restaurant were pretty large and louder than the average restaurant for some soft music, and considering the presence of disco lights placed here and there in the restaurant, it seems like hosting a house music festival here would be legendary. 

On our way out, I dashed into the coffee shop to have a quick look and was greeted by a display of desserts and coffee machines. I’m definitely coming back for those scrumptious looking desserts.

Do you live in Lekki, and have you passed by this restaurant before?  




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