So, my cousin had been waiting for me for about 10 minutes in front of one of those many malls inside Lekki, so I saw this little sign of a cafe inside this particular mall, and on the sign post was labelled HSE cafe, I then proposed we go into the restaurant, it looked really cosy from small sit out outside and I couldn’t wait to see what inside will look like.

“Oh my God”, it was ‘magnifique’. I immediately smiled, it looked picturesque, like something from a story book, even my cousin couldn’t help but smile when we walked in. The atmosphere has this soothing and warm feeling that makes you happy. The wall shelves were beautifully set with artificial plants and my best part of the restaurant wasn’t even the food, it was the red bicycle frame on the wall, just hanging pretty and with a touch of minimalism ☺️

Ben came to take our order. I was feeling bougie, so, I ordered something called “chicken croquette” feeling like a French lady, even though I couldn’t pronounce it. For my drink, I had milkshake. My cousin is on this strict diet, so, she didn’t order anything and I couldn’t be bothered, we can’t all be skinny in this world. We began chatting, talked about her job and future plans. Minutes later, my order came. Was really impressed, the order came in less than 15 mins which was pretty fast. I dug in immediately with my cousin eyeing me all through (is it my fault she was on a diet?). I think her bad belle caught up with me sha, cause I couldn’t eat my “croquettes”, 🤦🏻‍♀️ I didn’t know it was just chicken wrapped in potatoes, I thought it was one exotic sandwich. I should’ve Googled it though, but then restaurants should try to put up pictures of food items on their menu for locals like me (or am I alone?). I was sad about the croquettes cause it was quite pricey considering I ate just a piece.

We originally planned to stay for just a bit but ended up staying till noon because this restaurant felt like home. Although very cosy, we left because it became rowdy that we couldn’t even comfortably hold a conversation. A point to note is that this tiny spaced restaurant is very small and might not offer you privacy except it’s just a casual open chit chat hangout. Apart from that, it’s a very good place.

Was sad to say goodbye, but then we had to leave to face the real world. Said our goodbyes and left, by the way, there’s adequate parking, at least didn’t have to look for anyone to come and re-park their cars unlike most restaurants, especially those inside small malls in VI and Lekki.

CONTRIBUTOR: Gidi On a Budget



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