Hey guys, happy to have you here reading my story on dme.ng journal. I am Ebosie, if you don’t already know me, follow me on Instagram @ebosie, stay connected with me for inside scoop of my not so boring life 😉. But for those who already know me know one thing about me, I eat out a llllllot, especially when invited 😉


I recently checked out a restaurant in VI, and I checked it out by tagging along with a close friend of mine, Deola the exceptional lifestyle blogger. Check her out on IG @d3ola.

So, Deola my friend placed a call across…

Deola: Hey Ebosie, I was asked by Dining Made Easy to check a restaurant out and takeover their page, mind coming with me?

Me: Sure, why not? Where? When?

Deola: Inspiro Galeria, 2pm, Game?

Me: Sounds like a plan

Deola: Great! See ya tomorrow!


I immediately Googled Inspiro Galeria, the impression I got from Google….to be honest I didn’t really get that much. They don’t really have a strong online presence in terms of Google reviews and have no presence on TripAdvisor. But well, the curious side of me still felt the need to check the restaurant out myself, so I did, thanks to Deola.

I’m usually a punctual person, but I got here at 2.15PM, you know why? Cos Google map tried screwing with me. I took an Uber and apparently, the location pointer of the restaurant wasn’t exactly as indicated on the map. We reached a dead-end and started asking strangers on how to locate the restaurant. It was just right opposite Dangote’s house. So my advice is, whoever has access to their Google maps listing should fix that asap.

Telling from its location, covered in a bit of greenery around it, I could already tell that this place would be a serene and quiet space for relaxation, come enjoy food, peace of mind, read a book or just enjoy the sight of creative artistic canvas paintings. Yes, speaking of art, here is extremely artsy, I mean, you could tell from its name. A lot of professionally curated canvas artworks hanging all over the walls here and there.

Let me take a little step back and walk you into the restaurant as you envision it by reading my story. So Deola and I got into the restaurant via what I could call a pedestrian gate, straight to the outdoor dining area, designed with a little bit of traditional setting. I pictured here to be their smoking area as well. This outdoor area also housed a cocktail bar, apparently not the type you’d seat by to enjoy your drinks, it only serves as a pretty functional space for mixing drinks and bringing right to where you’re seated. This space led us straight to a glass door entrance, the main dining area. A small space with a few comfy couches and dining tables. Tables were mostly set for dining in pairs. Here must be a great spot for work break meals and casual dining with bae. The inside space of the restaurant was very cosy and cold, and clearly, no smoking allowed in here. The setting could almost make you feel like you’re dining in your very own living room at home, and 90% of the time, that’s what most people look for when visiting casual restaurants and cafés.

Deola and I tucked ourselves into our seats, for the menu, we called the attention of the barman who possibly doubled as a waiter. The food and drink menu were pretty much simple, contained the usual continental dishes and cocktails, nothing that wasn’t easy to understand. I love it when I visit a restaurant for the first time and I don’t have to spend the whole day studying the menu before I place my order. This was exactly the case here. So Deola ordered ordered for starters, Spring Rolls and Chicken Wings for us to share, then her main was the Club Sandwich with a Chapman, while I ordered Goat meat curry, served with Basmati rice and a Tequila Sunrise cocktail. Apparently, my order was their new specialty on their menu 😊


While waiting for our meals, now was a great time to go live on Instagram to show viewers around the restaurant. We were also taking short snaps and boomerangs to archive on @bonappetit.ng Instagram page. If you were following them or us on Instagram, you might have watched our Insta live/stories. So while we were doing all that I noticed that the small portioned space further down the walls of the restaurant were these well-organized shelves that housed various types of greeting cards, a few uniquely designed notepads and variety of unique teas and tea makers you can as well buy and take home, as the tea lover you may be.

Now, our orders just arrived and we got digging while still on live camera, we didn’t mind. Lol. Deola wasn’t a fan of having tomatoes in her sandwich, so I helped her emptying them on my own plate, and for the love of goat meat and taste of curry, I emptied my plate. Lol.

I was already stuffed, but our sweet tooth couldn’t help it, so we ordered for a Brownie to share, it was served with Ice Cream.

Anyways, I totally enjoyed my experience at Inspiro, the company I had with Deola, the comfort of the environment, and of course, the fooood!

It was nice checking this restaurant out and sharing my experience here. Also, we might just check out another restaurant sooner or later and share on IG or this journal, and it will be nice to keep up with us on Instagram @ebosie and @d3ola so we will be informing you ahead of time on IG.

Hope you liked my story, let me read your comments 😉





CHAPMAN – ₦1,000




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