I love my meat just like the next person (possibly even more than the next person) so it would come as no surprise that as the meat lover that I am, I’d definitely like to know whether the meat I’m about to eat is done the way that I like it. If you consider meat in this sense, you’ll realize that it’s something quite broad; chevon, veal, chicken, beef, turkey are all meats. And dang if I don’t enjoy eating them.

Can you blame me? When done pretty well, they’re definitely delicious. If I want to get right down the specifics, then I’d definitely pick out steak as one dish that has different ways of being done, each way catering to a specific type of individual.

But isn’t steak just beef? Well, you could call it that. But you see, with steak, there are different ways to getting it done. It’s not just about boiling, frying and/or grilling. With steaks you’ve got the rare, very rare, medium rare, medium done, raw even.

Different strokes for different folks.

So, picture this; you enter a nice restaurant, enjoy the ambience, take in the smells and the sounds and finally order a steak. Said steak comes by looking all juicy and ready to be devoured, because even though you’re posh you know you want to devour that beef. How do you tell what state your steak is in?

Being the steak connoisseur that I am—which is pending recognition by National Institutes of Steak Lovers, allow me to give you a few pointers on what to look out for regarding your just arrived steak;

When it’s very rare;

The steak comes out as almost raw, with a pretty red hue to it. This type of steak is hardly cooked, and if this is your style then good on you. If you don’t want to cut open the steak to see the insides and be certain it’s pretty red, then you can try the palm test. With one hand, touch your index and thumb fingers together, and then with the other hand touch the base of your thumb. See how soft it feels? If the steak feels the same, you’ve got yourself a very rare steak.

When it’s medium rare;

In this case, the steak feels firm on the outside, with a pinkish red juicy interior. It’s cooked to an extent, hence the firm exterior. If you want to use the touch, then get your thumb and middle fingers together and feel the base of your thumb. If the steak feels the way your thumb’s base feels, then you’ve got medium rare.

When it’s well-done;

This is gonna be a steak with a nice brownish looking exterior and little to no pink insides. This style tends to be a challenge because it requires low heat to be done, but when it’s done it can be quite marvelous to the taste. To get what it feels like with the touch method; you get your little and thumb fingers to touch on one hand, and you use a finger on the other hand to feel the base of your thumb.

When it’s overcooked;

This would most likely refer to you eating shoe leather meat; unappealing, possibly tasteless, really charred and quite hard. Trying to cut through overcooked steak would be a battle in itself, so you may as well save your jaws the trouble of trying to chew it.

So! Now that you’re armed with these little nuggets, you can get your steak on and figure out just what type of steak appeals to you best. And if you’re in need of where to go to get some steaks, then our list of restaurants is sure to help you choose one closest to your location. Now go dig in!

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