Yesterday was one of those really hot afternoons where you just want to run back home from the day’s hustle, take a shower and crawl into bed but life won’t have it. My car needed to be fixed for me to have a good sleep…..raise your hands if like me, your car is your precious baby…..

My friend recommended Rad Auto Works at Lekki-Epe Expressway just after second toll gate, as Taju my Mechanic makes sure my car is forever epileptic just so my wallet keeps fueling his house building.

As I embarked on my journey to the car repair shop, my mind was on ordering pizza to quench the huge hunger in my tummy but fortunately, I decided to get there first. At the gate, there was a signage “Jamrock” something about Jamaican cuisine” and my mouth began to salivate even before my head could process whether this sign meant that both the mechanic shop and the restaurant were in the same building.

I drove into the compound, parked (lots of space) then walked in and voila! The restaurant was indeed inside the building… can wait….I walked into Jamrock and fed my eyes for a bit. Small cozy space, brightly colored décor with a bit of beachy wooden feel on one side of the wall.  The menu was Jamaican sharp, rice and peas, curries, brown stew, patties… had I not discovered this place before now? I always pass this road and never got to notice their sign post in front of the gate. There was no way I was going to indulge in this alone. My cousin Nancy, was already whining about having to make dinner on our WhatsApp chat so Jamrock was going to be the solution.  I decided to make this a treat for us and home was less than 15 mins away, so, lucky her.

I left to attend to the car and in no time, Nancy arrived.

We placed our orders, Rice and Peas for both of us, Brown Stew Chicken for me, Oxtails and Gravy for Nancy and Red Snapper Escovitch for us to share.

While we waited for our meals, we had some pretty interesting drinks. Nancy had Tamarindo (non-alcoholic) and was offered a bottle of Jamaican rum to spice it up which she lovingly accepted. I had a Coconut drink served in an actual coconut. The best part is that after sipping my drink, our waitress asked if she could break the kernel for me to indulge in the coconut jelly but sadly, my car was ready so I didn’t get to have a feel of that experience.

There are a few things I could tell about Jamrock….. First, it seemed like everyone in here well understood the concepts of Jamaican dining. The waiter who served us the rum explained to us that in a Jamaican dining setting, you are actually expected to bring your own bottle to jinx your drink. She also said that it’s not usually in the Jamaican culture to serve the rice and sauce in separately. In her words, “Jamaicans are usually that rugged” and would prefer to be served anyhow, so long as the food tastes nice.

Apparently, I figured it was part Nigerian part Jamaican owned restaurant. This restaurant is a product of a Nigerian wife and a Jamaican husband.

Second, there’s little or no wait time the foods because most of them are already prepared and displayed in a catering glass (seafoods excluded), all the time needed is for the server to put some finishing touches to the meal. One might think fast-food quality….but, no….every spoonful felt like it went through the process of being cooked with love. It’s not every day one finds such quick service for standard dishes.

I also love how open the space is, the partition between the mechanic shop’s reception and the restaurant is covered with an open glass so it kind of feels like you are in a much bigger space than you actually are. As a matter of fact, I’d like to see here as a place one can chill and wait while their car is getting fixed, although, it could serve as your go to place for just wanting to have a taste of Jamaican with family, yes, with family, cos here really seemed like a child friendly place with lots of colour and not much loud music to worry about, just soft Jamaican background music vibes.

My house is literally 15 minutes’ drive away from this restaurant, if you’re living around Ikota axis, hit me up via the comment section maybe we can head over here sometime again. If you don’t hit me up, since they deliver, I guess I’d just jeje call them to deliver to me and enjoy from the comfort of my home 😋


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