Every true foodie loves the sound of all-you-can-eat, even though 90% of the time, you really can’t eat everything you want from a buffet stand, you are not a ruminant animal. Lol.  

So, over the weekend I decided to put my belly chambers to the test, and Kuramo Sports Café seemed like a better option for a rainy Sunday. I have been following Eko Hotels Instagram over a year now and they won’t let someone rest with their never-ending adverts of mouth-watering combinations of Nigerian and continental dishes, so on this glorious day, I said I must give this particular Nigerian styled buffet restaurant a try. Every one said Eko Hotels is expensive, but you know, after you have planned to fully stuff the 4 chambers of your stomach, and you’re certain that you must eat more than what you paid for, you really won’t be so bothered about the cost anymore. I vowed that today eh, I must maximise that “all-you-can-eat” statement to the fullest! 

I think I got into Eko Hotels at about 11.30am, cos that’s about the time brunch starts, you don’t want to go late for brunch after all the jollof is finished. So, I majestically walked into the café, and it was nothing like I had expected, at least not in a bad way anyways. Allow me explain.  

The first point of observation was the outdoor area, which centred a four cornered bar, the Calabash Barthat shared a significant part of the front space of Kuramo Sports Café and the poolside restaurant, Lagoon Breeze Restaurant. 

The entrance of the café was an automatic sliding door; into the café I was welcomed by a pretty cheerful waitress who directed me to the available seats. I made my choice and picked a table for two, meanwhile, I came here alone, but I don’t think there is such a thing as table for one. Lol. Fortunately, I actually met a new friend who came to eat alone too, so guess who I shared a table with…..keep guessing, lol 😜. 

Just by my left, there was an impressive portion of enough space for the laid-out buffet stands, everything looking so colourful and delicious and awkwardly confusing for me (that’s what happens when you see so much good-looking dishes). The buffet had varieties of continental and local meals, sea foods, salads, breads, drinks of all sorts properly displayed making me lost for choices, but I still had in mind that I came here with an empty stomach. The desserts were appetizing and freshly made for both healthy and none picky eaters. 

There were huge plasma screens properly positioned for proper viewing, possibly why it’s called a sports café, also was the sound of music playing at the background in the midst of the active diners’ cheers and laughter, oh yes! A Live Band, now I was really happy. 

I grabbed a small plate and walked to the buffet section. I hate that they always make buffet plates really small 😡, I felt like I was serving myself in a tea cup saucer. Anyways, I made my selection of foods from the varieties before me, the hungry self in me assisted me with selecting my combination of Moi Moi, Jollof rice, Fried plantain and Fried beef (till today I still feel like I didn’t take enough).

After settling down for my meal, I saw that the restaurant was plainly divided into three sections; the ground floor dining area, the upper dining area about a few steps high which had a portion of it allocated to the live band. This section had the classic café dining design-earthy colour of dark brown for the table and chairs with maroon handkerchiefs neatly folded and laid on the table for diners. Although, the deep black silky table cloth gave it an edgy look. The tables were of different shapes and sizes, the square tables could host 2 people and the rectangular tables could host about 4 to 6 people. 

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you would know that I always look out for art works in restaurants and indoor relaxation spots. Not that I was expecting much art from here being that it’s a sport’s café, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had befitting creative artworks on the wall. There were three striking sport related artworks all placed on a contrasting white wall, actually pleasant to the eyes; polo themed, football themed and volley ball themed. I would although say here didn’t really give me the sporty feel than I should get from an actual sports cafe, I rather got more of a fun, semi outdoor friendly and family dining experience. 

If you are looking to have a livelier dining experience and make a friend or two in the process I would say this is the perfect place for it. 

So, my Sunday wasn’t a long one after all as I had early thought it would.  

For any of you who have experienced the Kuramo Sports Café, tell me what you experience was like, I would love for you to share at the comment section. Thanks! 



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