I have always loved seafood, but last week, my love for it reignited and this time it is deeper than the ocean (no pun intended 😉)…..Thanks to Thursday seafood night at Lagoon Restaurant.

After TheFoodLover’s visit to The Lagoon, where she discovered Marcelino’s pastry, she called me aside to spill the tea of this other discovery in the same premises.

Thursday nights here are designed to celebrate seafood fresh from the sea in all its glory! It is supposed to be our secret place for TGIT (yes, Thank God it’s Thursday is a thing) but life is too short not to experience all the amazingness Lagos has to offer. So go fort into the world and enjoy .

Seafood night here usually starts at 7pm, but we arrived at about 6:30pm just because we wanted to watch the merchandise boat arrive. Okay, let’s take a step back to understand how exactly it works.

First off, we have to note that The Lagoon is a business buried deep in family traditions and inheritance, the owners are very well involved….from getting their hands dirty to management.

Here’s actually one fun fact…..The General Manager (who happens to be part of the family) is a fisherman, a skill passed from his grandfather to his father and then to him with the MD, his brother in law who is a fishing addict, both take the boat out to sea. So, they go far into the ocean in the early hours of the day and hunt whatever creatures the sea has to offer, by the time they get back, all their catch is then placed for display on the surface platform of a refrigerated table-top filled with ice. At this point, us hungry whales are already gathered to point out which of the sea goodies we want and then there’s a Chef stationed for you to explain how you want it prepared.

Back to my adventure, the boat arrived and of course we ran to the jetty to photograph the offloading moment.

On this day he had caught beautiful crabs, prawns as large as my head, squids larger than I have ever seen in my life, cute crayfishes, barracudas and lots of other fish types I didn’t even know existed in the seas of Lagos.

Later on, we had a sit-down and he informed us that our waters are filled with all sort of beauties including oysters sometimes (I don’t know why I thought it was too exotic to be found here).

Our dining process involved us selecting and settling with the Chef on how we wanted our fresh from the sea creatures…..Steamed Prawns, Asian style Crabs, Fried Crayfish and Fried Baracuda Fish alongside fried flatbread.

All delicious and worth every penny which was charged per kilo for each selection. The beauty here is that, you aren’t charged for the meal preparations. The only additional cost will be a side of rice or fries or anything on their main menu that tickles your fancy, if you want any of that.

While waiting for our food to be prepared, TheFoodLover had ordered a large colorful cocktail from their bar. The bartender steady impressed me as I watched him make those giant cocktails you’d typical find at bars in Las Vegas, to say I was not blown away would be an understatement.

Oooo have I mentioned how easy breezy the space is? The Lagoon restaurant seafood night is hosted in a very open relaxed space just by the lagoon with views of beautiful buildings and structures along Ikoyi and Lekki waters like Lekki-Ikoyi bridge and the beautiful Civic Centre. If you’re an outdoor space lover, this is your place. I also love that the kitchen where the magic goes down is right in sight for almost every diner to see….don’t you just love open kitchens?

Now, this is the part that triggered our hoarding behavior..it looks like there are already quite a number of people that know about this and have succeeded in keeping it to themselves so letting the whole world know might reduce the chances of getting the fattest produce. There was a table of about 15 Asian expats thoroughly enjoying a huge feast, they were so good at playing the fastest fingers game during the seafood selection process at the fridge, we couldn’t stop thinking about how bad it might be for them if more people in Lagos gets to find out about this place 😅.

However, the management can be pre-informed on what you might like to indulge in on that Thursday night before the boat leaves for the day. Our fisherman extraordinaire had also earlier told us that he stays true to his family rules of always leaving something for the next fisherman. He further explained that the ocean never runs dry of fish but you should never fish it all from one colony and whenever you come across some unique creatures, it is wise to leave them there to preserve the beauty of the sea. All you need is a few minutes to immerse yourself in a conversation with this man and you would want to be a passionate cultured fisherman.

Well, laziness has had me declare that it is too late to be the catcher but I seem to be excellent at being the eater so till the next life, I shall be enjoying seafood nights at The Lagoon!




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