Who else gets charmed by Instagram pictures of cute looking burgers with the restaurant’s name stamped right on top?

Branded burgers are quite uncommon in Lagos so my interest level was on maximum. Thankfully, the foodies posting this uniqueness on Instagram didn’t fail to tag the restaurant. As soon as I delved into this IG page @lasgiding, I found another unique delight…..rolled ice cream!

This new restaurant was definitely not taking it easy with Lagos, bringing in things we don’t see every day and having the name “Lasgidi” which actually means “Lagos”!

Explore mode activated! My photo-taking skills have been failing me for some time now plus my photographer friend Pitan of @foodstudio.ng recently picked up a huge interest in food so he was number 1 on my call list.

Next was fitfam Aisha because we are on a healthy eating journey together (of course, I always cheat but shhh she doesn’t have to know) and we needed to have a cheat day.

So, we arrived Lasgidi with empty stomachs on a cool evening. The building is big and very visible on the popular Kofo Abayomi street….no hassle finding it at all. Parking wasn’t a problem even though I couldn’t help but wonder if it might get tight on really busy days. We got pointed to a staircase and up we went. What greeted us was the terrace with a nice lounge and a shisha bar set-up. There were a few people drinking, smoking and clearly having good conversations but we were there for the “eat-till-you-can’t move” experience so we went into the restaurant proper. An effortlessly fine space with striking décor pieces.

First part that caught my fancy was the display of masks from different Nigerian cultures, I immediately recognized Queen Idia of Benin and one of the others was obviously from the Hausa tribe. “Oooo Lasgidi is a place that accommodates all cultures” I said in my head feeling like someone who just decoded a mystery sign.

Next was the design of the chair cover….a well poised lady dressed in ankara (African prints) leaning on a drum…..screamed “Sisi Eko” in my head.

Then the bar which has a really interesting twist, the drink glasses are not just displayed upside down but they also placed in a holder that is suspended from the ceiling with metal chains, simply picture perfect.

Our waiter sat us down nicely and we looked through their very diverse menu…..Nigerian, Lebanese, Mexican, American staple dishes, seems to me like both indigenes and expats would have a good time here. He took our orders swiftly and the food arrived in good time…..Alfredo pasta for Aisha because she has been a good girl, Quinoa salad for me because I wanted to impress her and atone for my eating sins and a juicy beef burger for Pitan because we all had to try it. Pitan was clearly sharing his meal with us so we threw in sweet and sour chicken bites from the starter section and a seafood platter. One very impressive fact was their portion size. This is a place you can visit to cure proper hunger at prices that won’t dig a big hole in your pocket.

Pitan had no trouble taking pictures of our beautifully plated meals as the room is very well lit, and then it was time to eat. Just as we were feasting, a host/chef who we now found out is the owner walked up to our table to check on us as he clearly did with every customer and of course we got super excited. It’s not every day you get to give feedback to restaurant owners. After our talk, our eyes were opened up to a lot more details like the place mats which is an overview of the Lasgidi culture and the fact that he is not only well trained in culinary arts but also in food health and safety which means getting food-borne diseases when you eat here has been reduced to the barest minimum.

While my dining partners obeyed the “Water Only Rule”, I indulged in a Lasgidi Signature vodka-based cocktail as we sat back to relax our extremely filled up selves with urban music in the background. My eyes kept following waiters as they served other customers with Shawarma and Hummus with pita bread, looks like a lot of people come here for this.

After our satisfying lunch experience, we went downstairs to take a peek at the stand for fresh juices and *drumroll* rolled ice cream (I’m definitely coming back for this). The attraction of this place is that it is enclosed with glass so you get to watch them whip up your order.

We then realized that the downstairs section of the building is dedicated to Lasgidi fast food, quick meals and pizza which can be picked up or delivered to you.

In all, Lasgidi is a restaurant you want to visit. More than once even. Just remembered they have a beans and dodo dish on their menu that I have to go back for. Have you checked it out yet? Let me know what you think in the comment section!


Contributor: The Food Lover



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