This summer, my childhood friend Frank, decided to pay a visit to Nigeria after 15 good years. He picked this year to enjoy summer with us so I was excited to see my guy after so long. We have been speaking over the phone and I thought catching up over lunch in a serene place would seem like a nice idea. Frank wasn’t the boring kind, he was just a smart introvert with swag.  So for lunch, I thought we should find a good nice Nigerian restaurant here in Lekki, considering he’s been away from Naija food for so long, but no, my guy would rather still want to eat German.  I laughed in German, like there’s even a German restaurant in Lagos, Lol.  

This morning, I stumbled upon my neighbour who happens to have this huge crush on me 😏(she needs to move on though), I poured out my problems to her about my guy wanting to have German food in Lagos, so she suggested I try Lecker restaurant. Fortunately, it wasn’t too distant for me, then I sent the Google map address to Frank. 

Our lunch was set for 1pm and I was just on time. No signage whatsoever indicating that a restaurant is located here, so you should be careful as not to miss the house number 5A. So as I walked passed into the gate into the restaurant, I thought “oh? A small garden? Cool”, I walked past, I turned my head to have a second look behind and sighted an art work but inconspicuous amidst all the plants. It was similar to all those Nok art of ancient West Africa but in this case, this seemed to be made from wood, it was eccentric for me though considering that this was a German restaurant “interesting! I thought, “Oh well moving on”. You would think that was all the elements they could have outside, nope, there was more. Right before me was another art work, this was more comic to me. A wooden crafted statue, it looked like an African man, the portrayal of height and slimness was comically exaggerated. 

Getting in, I see Frank already seated…this guy never changes. Frank was almost a perfectionist, you know how perfectionist are with time, too punctual, punctual to a fault. Frank had ordered some orange juice for himself before I got there and from the level of his glass he hadn’t been there for too long.  

It was nice seeing Frank and I noticed he had added some extra pounds; he was looking buff, not fat. Gosh, how I missed my Gee. When we saw each other, we immediately hugged and laughed hard, we had our seats and Frank started with his gist, and oh did he have plenty to tell. When the menu arrived, I was a bit confused I thought I could try some German today, but I didn’t know which to pick, did I even know there was a German restaurant in Lagos in the first place? 🤷🏾‍♂️ 

I thought I should let Frank here help me out but thankfully the owner, God bless her soul, was around and noticing the confusion on my face offered to rather prepare something special for me that wasn’t in the menu, and she promised she would make it to suite my Nigerian taste buds, like she knew that was very important, Lol. I was actually surprised to see that she was willing to make something for me off the menu, so I accepted. Frank ordered Beef Roulade Mit Speatzle U. Gruene Bohnen, just a mouthful and a tongue twister for the average Nigerian man like me 😄, while I was offered the Tuscan Beef Pasta. 

A familiar music was playing at the background when I noticed Frank had a smile on his face while staring at the blue wall with writings in chalk.  

What’s funny Frank? I asked. 

“No, I just like what’s written on the walk…very thoughtful” he said. 

I stared at the blue wall, but I didn’t really understand everything on it, except the ones in English, some of the words written on one side of the wall were “Faith, Hope and Love”, on the other side, ”And so The Journey Continues”.  

So I asked Frank, “do you understand what these words mean?”. 

“Yes, it’s German for – Live every moment. Love infinitely. Laugh everyday”. He replied. 

“Owh? How sweet” I thought. 

The blue wall and the writings on the wall gave the whole restaurant a positive vibe. Guys, did you know that the colour Blue has a calming effect on the eyes and the mind? I guess that’s why this place seems to be so chilled and serene, actually with a real house-like feeling. 

And then Frank asked me, “Do you know what Lecker means?” 

“Of course I don’t”, I replied him.  

He said “well, Lecker is the German word for Delicious”.  

Really! I exclaimed. This place is deeper than I thought. Another restaurant built with some real significance tied to it.  

Frank began to tell me about some of the projects he had done so far in Germany and his plan to start something down here in Nigeria, and he wanted me to be part of it. Just when he wanted to give me more details, a phone call came in, it was important and he had to take it outside. He stepped out while I decided to see what was behind the glass wall in front of me. The other half of the restaurant was designed into a garden outside, this time at the back, with wooden benches and tables, it was the perfect place for family lunch and get together, kids’ hangout and even a kids’ party. This place seems to have a love for wooden art work, there was at least one placed at every section of the restaurant. 

Frank had finished his call and our order just arrived, I got back to our table and was curious on how my first German meal would taste. My first taste gave me an unexpected result. It was pleasant, my taste buds actually liked it, German food is not bad at all, a second mouthful confirmed it, would prefer a “Lecker” lunch in a German restaurant any day, any time.  

So, back to Frank. Apparently, Frank had plans of starting a business down here in Nigeria and wanted me to help manage it for the main time until he was settled enough to run both companies from Germany. The plan was in its early stage, just ideas for now… I was cool with it, we talked more over our lunch which we were obviously enjoying. If this is how all German meals taste, I guess I am a convert, a huge fan of German food from now on. 

We had spent over an hour now, and while our table was cleared I asked to extend my appreciation to the restaurateur. After a few minutes, she walked out with a smile. 

”It was my pleasure” she said. “I hope you both enjoyed your meals?” 

“Yes, we did, I replied, “It was Lecker!” and we all burst into laughter. 

The owner was so pleasant and chatted with us a bit. Apparently the restaurant offered bakery and confectionery services too. They even made baked foods like bread based on order, she also highlighted her glutton free pastries, which I thought was really cool. I even took some pictures of them. I should tell Ijeoma to come buy some here being that she is planning on going gluten free. At least she doesn’t have to struggle to find what to eat every time especially with pastries. 

After the lunch, Frank told me he would like to take me out next week and this time the bill would be on him. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with considering he doesn’t really know anywhere in Lagos, I don’t know where to place him anymore, an IJGB or a JJC. But then again, I will hook him up with our website so he can find nice places to eat in Lagos during his stay. 

Anyway, I am looking forward to that, and who knows I might just share our experience with you guys. 

I would like to be sure about something though, have you tried German food before? What’s your take on it? Where did you try it? Did you know that this restaurant is the only German restaurant in Lagos?  




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