Another day, another gem discovered! 

I thought about keeping this one to myself because some things are just too good to share but then, why gain on all the pounds without you guys? 🤣  

Apparently, I followed @marcelinospastrylagos on Instagram a while back and made a mental note to check them out but never did because Lagos seems to breed new restaurants every week, it really is hard to keep up.  

Thankfully, the traffic situation on Ozumba Mbadiwe pushed my friends (Munz & Dinma) and I into the arms of the ever so timeless Lagoon Restaurant. I thought we were just going to pop into, Churrasco (the Brazilian restaurant section) for drinks or maybe even a meaty adventure (Urgh, waiting out that traffic can take hours).  

But then, our Uber driver decided to take us on a tour of their rather large parking area and right at the corner was this very picturesque building that immediately diverted all our attention. Think glass wooden windows, white walls flattered by pretty pink flowers and short wooden fences….I must be in Europe! Munz must have been eyeing it as well because she immediately declared that we had to take pictures there. We got out of the car for an Instagrammable photo session and my memory got jolted, Marcelino’s from Instagram was in “The Lagoon” premises and this must be it. Yup, there was a big sign right in-front with a cute patio housing a playground for kids. The swing tempted me but I had to respect my age.  

 After pictures….a push through the door and I fell in love, Christmas lived here! The windows screamed snow and beautiful Christmas décor, the furnishing was very colourful like what you’d find in fairy-tale cartoons, then there was a large display of ice cream and pastries staring right at me…..the first thing that pulled me in was croissants!  

I could almost feel the texture with my eyes….flaky! Lagos pastry shops steady gives us dense bread-like croissants so it appeared that I might have found the right deal here.  

Amazingly, they have the whole afternoon tea party pizzazz so I got the waitress to throw in a Croissant and Strawberry Tart onto their unique single-tiered tray….as expected, that croissant was the real deal. They also have an array of cakes, cookies and gingerbread houses specially for Christmas. 

Now, this is the part that had me tripping….I went over to the ice cream stand with Dinma to indulge and magic happened, a chef and a smiling woman walked in from the back speaking in foreign language. They immediately paused on sighting us and the woman assumed her excellent hosting role. She nudged us to try their different fruity flavours and further explained that these delectables were made from scratch, not like what you get out of the regular powered ice cream mix, in fact most of the fruits were locally sourced, like the coconut (from Badagry beach) and mangoes (from Northern Nigeria). If you are ever in search of a slightly creamy sorbet, this is the place. 

Her explanations were genuinely laced with passion so I began probing for more information…..Marcelino’s is a very family oriented business, it was actually opened up to honour the memory of their late father. He was a lover of sweet things so a pastry shop seemed appropriate. The shop is filled with details of Marcel (nickname Marcelino), like the menu cover which has a picture of him with his wife and friends on the front. And on the back, there’s a tree of words describing the essence of family and a thank-you note for visiting. Then, the swing at the playground was his for 30 years. I could have sworn I sighted a teary eye during the course of this conversation but it is still up for debate between the girls and I so moving on 😜…. Clearly, this business was built around family love and values. 

Enough of the heart melting experience and nibblings, it was time for a proper feast. We got handed over the menu and apparently, there was a new addition….Crepes! We were like kids in a candy store, I tell you. The chef was also one of kids as he came over to discuss the flavours and combinations. Being one of his first crepe customers, he was beaming with excitement to wow us. 

We decided to each order sweet options…..Bananarama, Cold Kiss (a white chocolate lover’s dream) and a Marcelino’s special. How charming are the names? Then, we ordered one savoury option, The Gourmande which turned out to be our favourite.

I can’t wait to go back there and devour this for brunch. My list of things to come back for has piled….their breakfast section of the menu needs me badly and the cold coffee drinks. Sigh, the way I’m about to storm this place with my little brother, they aren’t ready! There aren’t so many kid-friendly restaurants around so when I find one, I take it very close to my heart.  

One other lovable thing about Marcelino’s is the price point. For a pretty restaurant in the heart of Victoria Island dishing out such quality meals in substantial portion sizes, I’m still awed.  


Now, here are some reasons you should stop at Marcelino’s sometime… 

  1. It is the perfect escape for Ozumba Mbadiwe traffic, really can’t remember the last time I found PEACE in a restaurant. 
  2. Their pastries and freshly-made. 
  3. Interesting ice cream flavours that are literally made from scratch. 
  4. They are extremely kid-friendly. 
  5. Their standpoint on family and love. 



Contributor: The Food Lover



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