Just like the colour Black, “Noir” in French is associated with elegance and sophistication, I find these qualities fitted perfectly into the brand personality of Noir Restaurant, my pick for top Lagos restaurants for fine dining.

My friends and I had always had eyes on this newly launched restaurant because of its much hype online, so last week we decided to try it out to see what this French restaurant had to proffer our taste buds.

Never really experienced a complete French meal before, well, except for regular breakfast like croissants and all. So, guess the perfect day to try out something almost entirely new? You got that right, Saturday! It was about 8pm and it was a rainy night. Our drive into the street wasn’t much of a herculean task but it became one just at the time of parking. Well, it’s Victoria Island, this place has quite a reputation for housing big establishments with little or no parking 🙄, so you really can’t blame them, especially for the fact that they share the same building with a notable grocery store, La Pointe. Chances are, they are sort of affiliated, considering that they are both French named.

Further into the restaurant just a step away from the grocery store is a little cute coffee shop also managed by Noir, displaying all sorts of pastries, and smell of fresh coffee, irresistible! A coffee shop with a supermarket just below, a pretty functional combination.

The first impression we got here is that it was well suited for the posh lifestyle, and guess who walked in without making a reservation? Us! We knew reservation here was mandatory, but well, as the Nigerians we are, let us still go and try our luck. Well, trying our luck put us in an awkward situation when we were asked by the restaurant concierge if we had a table reservation. We humbly said we didn’t, we just wanted to taste French food, that’s all! So now you are reading this, just know that it will do you plenty of good if you make a reservation to avoid yourself a rather disappointing or embarrassing date night with bae.

The main dining space of the restaurant was uncomplicatedly elegant with a subtle show of boldness. There was something about the combination of white and marble brick walls, black and grey chairs that exudes confidence, yet perfectly mixed in a minimalistic style that gives a comfy feel to the entire dining space. The indoor lighting just warm enough to make the whole atmosphere cosy. The art and paintings on the walls were all bold each with a unique touch of “Africa” to them. Pop music calmly playing at the background also making the experience a bit nostalgic, setting a unique tone and mood for the night.

This restaurant is perfectly designed for solo, duo and group date nights, if you wish to enjoy a night out or celebrate a special occasion with a date or a few friends.

Just further into the dining space, strategically located was both a salad bar and the drinks bar just at the left wing, with an impressive wine collection, drinks of all sorts and a mixologist ready to mix, shake and serve to guests who can have a drink or two while seated at the bar, enough to comfortably occupy about 7 guests. I noticed that the restaurant itself had no TVs in it but it houses a classy lounge area that can serve as a viewing spot while relaxing with some drinks. I was told about the terrace they would be opening soon, but well, I didn’t get to check out what the empty space was like at the moment.

As for food, my friends and I decided to try out the Noir Rillettes & Prawn Salad for starter. For our Appetizers we tried out the Prawn Salad with the Noir Beef Fillet. And the Bouillabaisse, Butter and Truffle Spaghetti for our main course serving. The Prawn salad was perfect; the steak was juicy enough for the Nigerian taste bud. Overall, it was a good meal. My favourite was the Prawn salad. You can win me over anytime with a right combination of honey and ginger flavours in a mixed of veggie bowl.

My overall experience dining at Noir was very fascinating. You know how I knew? Because we left the place happy!

Remember it’s fine dining, it’s classy, it’s elegant so be ready to spend a little more than you would in an average restaurant.

I would love if you guys who get to try this place out to share your own experience with me and your favourite thing about the restaurant.



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