The only thing better than Sunday brunch is a fancy Sunday lunch. And yasss, I got both. I think I’ve been on a winning streak with restaurants these days. I’ve not been having any bad experiences.

When Mother asked that we do something fun after church, I almost said “no” cause I already planned to see a movie with a friend. Then I remembered it was my mum, and when she asked a question, she wasn’t really asking, she was more like “telling/commanding you”. So I said “fine”, I could reschedule with my friend and catch a late night movie at IMAX.

We settled on going to Petit Paris restaurant , the name made me remember an article I read about world’s laziest flags. The French flag was 2nd place after the Japanese flag (really though, who designed these 2 flags? Even my 3 year old nephew could’ve done a better job).

I wasn’t really expecting so much from a restaurant named after a “lazy flag” country, so my expectations were already low. Plus, during my last visit to this restaurant , I didn’t get an opportunity to experience it because it was late at night and they were closing up for a private party.

On getting to this restaurant, Mother and I easily found parking on the street, Lekki phase 1 is a pretty safe neighbourhood. I really liked the front entree (Petit Paris got me speaking French, lol). The door reminded me of a barn door, but this was nicer and more modern. Inside was breathtaking, I immediately felt like I was in Paris, especially with the cute little Eiffel tower Shishas. They had different colors, ranging from pink to white and I forgot I was with Mother and stupidly blurted out “I’ll like to have a Shisha that looks like this”. Of course, she gave me a disgusting look that said it all. Moving on, the chairs and wallpapers had a French theme as well and looked very resplendent.

I ordered for a club sandwich without looking at the menu because menus give me headache especially when they have too many items. Mother settled for a Caesar salad after about 10 years (no jokes) of going through the menu. Our order came separately which was sad for me, cause I had to wait for Mother’s order to come while my sandwich and fries got cold. Was it really a bad thing to hold my hold my order for a bit until my mum’s order was ready? Why do waiters do that? It’s only right to present meals together so we can start eating together and finishing together. Or am I wrong on something? Is there any reason why they bring the foods in bits?

So while we’re just waiting for her order, we listened to oldies from an in-wall speaker and everyone in the restaurant seemed to be enjoying the songs as well. Although, I was actually more interested in watching TV, but sadly, I wasn’t seated in the right angle. Why do these restaurants don’t take TV positioning seriously? How will they set seats to back the television? So what if I just came here because I want to eat and watch football match? 🤷🏾‍♀️ So I was busy looking for how to change the position of my chair, but unfortunately, the chair I was was stationary. Only a few seats in this restaurant are movable. But well, I had to respect myself, don’t want to go about embarassing mother 🙄, so I just managed like that.

I particularly liked that the restaurant had ornamental Paris inspired designs like the floor lamps, paintings, wallpapers etc.

Back to the story, Mother’s salad finally came, I ate my sandwich and it was totally worth the wait. Although I didn’t taste the Caesar salad, my mom kept on rambling about how it tasted so good and it was the best salad she had eaten in a long time. She loved it so much that she smiled all through the meal.

After the meal and a little argument on who should pay for the meal (of course I did), we requested the bill. The waiter guy was cute sha, I couldn’t stop blushing. He was very nice all thorough and didn’t mind all our questions about the food, please tip him well when you visit.

Walking out of Petit Paris, I noticed they have a private lounge, it looked very fancy and cosy. Would have loved to stay back to see more things this little French village had to offer, but I had another appointment for Sunday lunch elsewhere. I will definitely be visiting this restaurant again with my mom, since it’s her new best restaurant.

I hoped you enjoyed reading guys, till then guys……. Mangez bien et sois en securite!

CONTRIBUTOR: Gidi On a Budget



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