You know how you just wake up and seat on the bed thinking and planning out your day before you hit the shower, what to do and especially what to eat….

This was me few hours ago, then I walked into Prime Chinese Restaurant for a quick fix, I was literally thrilled about the aesthetically pleasing setting, nothing too fancy, simple, clean and beautiful. The yellow wall paintings must be their signature colour. I was more impressed at how I was warmly greeted, the waiters were the cutest, although they didn’t know someone walked in, I had to walk up to one of them to request a drink which never came till my date arrived. Our waiter’s analysis on the food made me so curious that I couldn’t wait to taste the food and he was the most considerate person I’ve ever come across; it’s just so rare in this Lagos, he didn’t ask us to have the most expensive meal, when I asked for his opinion on what to get he was so honest and very open minded, he took his time to explain the difference between their sweet and dry wine, and also why they weren’t all fully written on the menu, considering the vast variety of wines that were laid out at the bar’s wine cellar.

Okay, so my date was few minutes late but I forgave him, and him being late gave me enough time to walk around to see more of the restaurant. Outside the restaurant had quite a few seats which the waiter confirmed are for people who want some fresh air and probably smoke some cigarettes. The indoor area had this normal Chinese restaurant setting but something was missing which was the Chinese decor lantern, the unusually famous lantern seen in almost every Chinese restaurant. The ambiance was subtle, the inner chambers was a bit dark, here isn’t picture friendly, but if you are a sit in the dark person, then this is perfect for you. Thankfully there was a little space outside the chamber that had very bright lighting (for the foodies on Instagram 😉).

This restaurant has a really large parking space in its premises. The waiter walked up to us with the menu, and it was a bit difficult to decide on which meal to order, the waiter noticed this and quickly he began to “sell his market” explaining each meal to us especially the dumplings, however as the Nigerian that I am, I settled for fried rice (at least something I know I can eat. Lol), which was their Special Fried Rice, apparently, it’s a combination of all their fried rice(s)? We were told our order would take 15 mins to get ready, and it took exactly that. A warm napkin was offered to us to wipe our hands for the sake of hygiene before eating.

Rice was served in a really large plates, be careful not to order a lot, else, you’d definitely take home some left over food. I must have left out the part where the waiter mentioned about how their Chinese dishes were carefully spiced to suit the Nigerian taste buds and not just for the Chinese alone, this explains why the restaurants hosts more of Nigerians than actual Chinese 🤔, cos I don’t remember seeing any Asian person seated all through my stay there.

So, our meal costs a total of N12,000 which included a medium Special Fried Rice, Spicy Fried Chicken Vegetable spring rolls Steamed chicken dumpling soup, and a cold Chivita fruit juice

PS : Ask your waiter a lot of questions regarding your order so as to not get any surprises, mine was the absolute best and I had a great time there, although our bill took forever to get to us, he must have travelled to China then back to Nigeria with the bill.

Bonus information, they are open 24HRS and offer deliveries within Lagos. I am definitely going to go back, I’m still craving for more special fried rice 😁

So here is half the story of my full experience at a Yellow Restaurant called Prime Chinese.



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