The Latest Babe in Town! That’s what RED is to me right now…. 

Remember my Crossroads rendezvous? Let’s just say that it helped open up my eyes to other gems in Eko Hotel because I’m about to storm that place one restaurant at a time. 

First conquest is the Chinese restaurant with the simple but striking name “RED”. I hear that it has been open for about two years but how I never thought to go there till now still baffles me. 

Anyhow, I have had this guy on my case for a while now (His name is Uche but I call him Lightskinned). He asked me out to lunch over the weekend and I thought it was time to impress me so the fancy question “where would you like to go?” had a fancy restaurant as reply. 

Is it still abominable to get there before the man? Because I got there before Lightskinned. I thought about waiting in the car but no, I might as well use this time to explore the space. Quick elevator ride and two swing door openings later, I’m blown away by what hits me…..a vast red hued space with dashes of gold here and there. My poise changed instantly, this must be what it feels like to be in an Emperor’s dining room. The decision on where to sit was a problem. The lounge area had a pair of low stool-like sofas to each table with the view of the hotel’s swimming pool. Okay, so there’s actually something about this lounge area, it could just be me, but, why were there only 2 seats set to one small stool? So what if I had about 5 friends coming to lounge with me, are we now going to start joining seats and tables together like they do in beer parlours? Besides, here didn’t seem like a place that would permit that, cos it most definitely will block the passage way. But then again, it might just be me, it just didn’t make sense to see the lounge set up to accommodate only 2 individuals per table. If you’d like to really understand what I’m saying, you can see the restaurant’s seating arrangements here. 

Back to my story, I was tempted to staying by the lounge to wait for Lightskinned, but I knew it would put him in a relaxed mood and I needed him worked up trying to impress me so a walk through one of those divider things you see in Chinese movies, and I met with their formal dining area with the view of Eko Atlantic, such soothing feeling to the eyes…..yup, we would sit here.  

But first, time to explore their bar area which is tucked in the lounge so a walk back and a bar stool climb, I nicely settled in here. I had my moments with some Chinese lanterns and tea sets, beautiful to look at. 

The bartender walks up to me with a smile and after explaining my craving for vodka but my need to stay very sane and my sweet needing palate, he recommended a Screw Driver. His mixology skills were quite impressive….throwing bottles, shaking shakers, you know the whole works and next thing, my pretty drink is ready. And yes, the taste was everything I wanted and more. Next thing, he offers me a saucer of pringles (this man must have read my “waiting” mood).  

A few minutes later, Lightskinned arrived and had the longest explanation ever about the rains and Lagos traffic (story, story). He then orders a Long Island and I watch Mr. mixologist do his magic again. While at it, Lightskinned noticed a fridge like box thing with lots of bottles of wine and asked what it was. I lowkey thought it was stupid question but when we were done listening to the passionate explanation of how wine had to be at specific temperature and a lot more details (apparently it is more of a wine bar), I asked that my meal be served alongside a glass of white wine.  

After our cocktails, we moved to our table for two. This place has table for even 15 already set, it’s a bit difficult to find these in most Lagos restaurants, they’d rather join chairs and tables together if you make a reservation for 15. So we sat just by the glass wall perfect for admiring the oceans and the view of Eko Atlantic, no wonder they have no televisions, both the pool and seaside views are wining especially with the soft music in the background…..Perfect place to fall in love. Actually, we witnessed a proposal before we left, all through our meal some of the staff were busy at one corner arranging rose petals and tea lights on the floor but not my gist to tell so, moving on. 

Oooh I forgot to mention that we had already placed our meal orders while at the bar. So at this point the food was making its way to us. Obviously Lightskinned needed to atone for his late coming sin so the entire selection process was left to me and boy, did I go crazy? Seafood at its finest, prawn dim sum (dumplings)crab cakes served in actual crab shells, garlic in butter lobsters, some special of the day tempura whole fish in sweet chilli sauce…..Lightskinned’s pocket must have shivered a little cos Red’s pricing is definitely not your regular everyday thing.  

I deliberately skipped the usual Chinese Rice and Noodles sides (which they have plenty of options for) and desserts and it was the best decision ever. Sometimes white wine and seafood is all you need. We had food orgasms guys, everything was sooo good!  And the joy in eating definitely made bonding easy, lots of eye gazing moments….I just might like Lightskinned a little bit more now but Red definitely won the better side of my heart! 😃 






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