The way these restaurants come up with names. lol……sometimes I feel like they have a special school where they study name giving, then they figure out ways of coining names to fit what the restaurant truly represents. Take for example, The Autobiography, that does not in any way even sound like the name of a restaurant, but it made sense to me when they explained the concepts of the naming. Unlike fast foods like Tantalizer, Tastee Fried Chicken, Sweet Sensation…how original with naming 😒. Not that their food isn’t good oh, but, you sha get the point.  

Now take for another example, Sabor. What does this mean to you? Should I let you Google it? No need, I already did and “Sabor” is from Old Portuguese, and Latin, sapōrem (“flavor, taste”), from sapiō (“I taste of”). This is exactly what they were trying to create when they crafted a menu with a fusion of most dishes from mostly Eastern parts of the world.  

Wait, why am I already telling you about the restaurant, I’m here to give you my own gist. So my story here is about my lunch experience with one nice babe I just recently met. People love to listen to guy and babe gist well, so that is what we will be talking about here today. 

I told her I was going to write about our experience at Sabor, she asked not to have her name mentioned, I don’t know why 🤷🏾‍♂️, I know she was digging me and she was digging the restaurant, most especially the food, so I wouldn’t understand why she wouldn’t want me to mention her name. So, well, let me just call her Jane (it could be her real name, I guess we’d never know 😜). 

Now Jane here is one hell of a nice lady, not because she will eventually read this, and not because I’m trying to win her over, I believe I already have, but because she picked this place for us to meet for lunch, and in the end, she offered to pay for the meal, even when I was still forwarding the babe. I mean, why wouldn’t she let me pay? Well, the story might explain a bit more. 

So Jane and I have been exchanging twitter DMs for a while, lucky enough she lives in Victoria Island, and I work in Lekki, so we decided we get to see each other today over lunch at 1PM, cos she wasn’t working on this day. As the bad guy that I am, I was able to sneak out of work cos I really needed to meet with her. So I left my car at work, took an Uber straight to Sabor in a rush, upon getting there by 1PM on the dot, I called her, and it seemed like she hadn’t even stepped in the bathroom. That’s women for you 😡. Thinking of it now, maybe this was why she offered to pay in the end 🤔. 

Anyway, so I waited for this babe for almost an hour, and you already know my curiosity with checking out everything about a restaurant before I even get to order my meal. Fortunately, I had way more time than I usually do, so I got to really walk around the restaurant to check almost every detail here. To be honest, when I first got to the restaurant, I was happy I didn’t bring in my car cos you already know that the whole of Victoria Island has little or no parking space for cars, except you park in the street, so yea, there was almost no parking space here. But well, I came with an Uber, so screw it. As I walked into the premises, I first pictured it as “just another rooftop restaurant”, but I was wholly WRONG! Here isn’t just another roof top restaurant, it’s more like a fusion of everything….from food, to casual dining, to ambience and everything in between. I will explain more.  

So while I was walking around, I first ordered a drink to chill for Jane, you know na, you don’t want babe to come and you’re just sitting there not being able to buy yourself a drink. So my drink was here and I was busy walking around the restaurant with a drink in my hand. My first point of visit was the terrace area. To be honest, I was stunned. You might call me a bush man, but when I see creativity and good concepts I admire, I tell it out like that. The outdoor area was set out basically to fit the lounging lifestyle. Sofas are long enough to accommodate friends as many as 4, and side stools/seats where in form of actual logs/trunks of timbre (not sure if timbre is the wood, but it’s sha log of wood). The centre stools had this never before seen cool concept of hot wind blowing out a piece of cloth from inside the centre. Outdoor areas are usually smoking areas, but I bet this had to be one of the best smoking areas of any restaurant because the area actually had a lot of fans and it was super windy to blow away any cigarette smell.  

So I pulled over the sliding door and went back to the indoor area…yes, I kept the best for the last 😉. The indoor area was well spaced, which explained the echoes, but it was mostly set to accommodate dining for a few people, except they are to join seats and tables together as most restaurants do. Oh, and as I earlier talked about the fusion with ambience, the indoor area was a fusion of brass and wood, giving it that brownish-gold feel. This brownish-gold feel showed in almost everything in the restaurant, from the bar area, to the indoor seats, to cutleries, food menus, and even the Scandinavian lightbulbs all the way to the restroom setting. Oh yea, the restroom was super cool and cosy by the way, they must have really seen this as a very important place to put some thoughts into.  

Now I’m running into 45 minutes and Jane isn’t yet here, so I’m thinking, maybe I should just finish my drink and leave. Just as I finished my drink, I asked the bar guy to turn the lights on, I really wanted to know what here could feel like at night, so he did, and I was like “WOOOOW!!” At this point, Jane walked in, and as she walked in, she immediately said the same thing, “WOOOW! This lighting is awesome!” I really wanted to act upset with her, but I mellowed down, I guess the lighting must have had some calming effects on me.  

So at this point, we wanted food so we ordered for some food. I ordered for some light bites, which was Asian Style Crispy Calamari and a Rosemary Gin Fizz Cocktail served in a Tiki mug, cos my food was still in the office, while she ordered for a main course, Blackened Baby Chicken with Mango Basil Cocktail…….. Her meal must have tasted super nice! How did I know? She eventually had to drop the fork and knife, use her hands to tear out every fibre of meat from the poor baby chicken bones. I was just looking at her like this 😐 

So we sat at the terrace area, we ate, we laughed. I guess I forgave her lateness after she offered to pay for our meal. Now I got vexed again 😡. Why didn’t she tell me she was going to pay for the meal in the beginning, I would have ordered something heavier na, they had so many cool continental delicacies on the menu picked from different parts of the world and I wish I could have ordered for more!!!😭 me that like experimenting varieties.  

Jane, if you’re reading this, I’m digging you die, how about we have dinner again in some other restaurant, I’m paying this time 😉 

My audience, if you’re reading this, please help me use the comment section to ginger Jane for dinner again 😀 




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