I Googled it, Safi is an Arabic word for “purity”. Could also mean “everything is in order” and it actually exudes this feat.

So I visited Safi the other day. Strange enough I didn’t even know that this is where the restaurant was situated. I was lodged 2 days in this hotel, Villa Thirty-Three for my guy’s wedding, the wedding went well, everything good and fine, we turned up that night, woke up around noon-ish, and guess who woke up with an empty stomach? Yours truly! 

I was madly hungry this afternoon and I really couldn’t start going the distance to look for food, so I called the front desk and asked if the hotel’s restaurant was open, she politely said yes, and they can have my meal brought up to my room. But then again, I felt like, “wait, shouldn’t I just go check the restaurant out?” Since I usually enjoy checking out restaurants, I might as well check this one out. So, I quickly got dressed, put on my jacket, and headed downstairs. 

It’s strange how the restaurant was just by the entrance of the hotel all these while and I never got to see it. Now I’m looking at the glass door, and there’s their logo printed on it, the entrance to the restaurant, so this is “the Safi restaurant” that has been advertising mouth-watering pictures on their Instagram. I actually thought that Safi was a standalone independent restaurant, little did I know it was actually inside a hotel. Okay, I might as well check it out now. 

Now I’m inside right? And my first impression was this minimal decor in a Petit well organised space, yet comfortable setting with homely minimalistic decor. I pictured a space that I can host my extended family of about 20, literally no one else has to be in the restaurant and it will very well occupy all of us. If you’re trying to picture the size of the space, picture a garage space of about two cars, or maybe two and half, that’s about the size of Safi, very compact, yet satisfying. I think the space was actually designed to give a unique feel of being a standalone restaurant, and not a hotel restaurant. How I was able to tell was, the decor on the wall, handmade with passion by the owner of the restaurant. Really nothing extremely fancy, but just subtle and unique. Seats by the wall, uniquely designed polished wooden high stools with small tables, just the perfect spot for sipping some cocktails with your bud, that is if you do not want to make use of the restaurants mini bar of course. 

So I took my seat, went through their Instagram page, found the dish I was looking for, then I ordered Plantain Lasagne and a Chapman. While I was seated waiting for my order, I was enjoying the calming serenades from wall speakers, while feeding my eyes with the football game on the TV. Speaking of TV, point to note, not every seat here has a great view of the TV, as a matter of fact, you might not even be able to watch TV depending on where you’re seated. But who cares about TV while eating, right? 💁🏾‍♂️ 

As I’m waiting for my meal, a friend of mine walked into the restaurant. She happens to be part of the bridal train of the groom, she was dead hungry just as I was, so we might as well enjoy a decent lunch together. She went right to it with placing her order, she ordered for Mac and cheese to be served with water. So I asked that our meals are brought together so I can have a little chitchat and wedding gossip with her. 

Fast forward to the arrival of the meal, I liked the meal presentation and how the lasagne was served, I love it when restaurants serve with unique crockery out of the ordinary ones seen at home, but at least not served in some lame tiny moinmoin-looking bowl like Art Café 🙄. Check out how Zolene serve their dishes here. Also, this one at Safi came well packaged and looking so good for pictures. As you can trust me, I’m always food picture ready 😉. 

Brought out my camera and started clicking, babe was looking at me like 🤨, I sha explained to her that I usually blog about places I visit, so she was cool with it. 

After taking pictures, we got digging. 

At the point we had finished our meal, the owner of the restaurant came in and asked if we enjoyed our meal and I said yes, then we actually got a little chatty. He had quite a lot to share about the restaurant’s menu concepts, but here are a few which I picked…. He said the plantain lasagne wasn’t actually Italian lasagne, it was more of a Puerto Rican meal, but the best way to translate it for people’s understanding was by naming it plantain lasagne. Me personally, I didn’t care, my taste buds wanted lasagne that had plantain in it, and it got lasagne that has plantain in it, and to top it, it was extremely delicious for my own taste buds, so it was a win-win for me. He further explained to me that the menu was designed to be an infusion of meals from around the world. If you’re curious about their menu, see their menu here. 

So at this point, we were done with the meal, then babe thought, well, since I had a good camera with me, I might as well assist with taking her some cool pictures outside because outside had a really nice background suitable for pictures. It had these layered flower pots hanging on the walls in front of the restaurant which I think is the new trend for outdoor décor.  So of course, I gave her the best pictures, I wish I could share them on this journal too. But hey, if you want to see my food photography skills, I will be sharing most on Instagram via @dme_ng IG page. Let’s connect there as well 😉   




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