Do you know that Ikoyi traffic that usually starts building from Osborne road? Yes, that one…..the last thing I wanted was to be in any Lagos traffic on this Thursday evening.

Nonso and I were heading to the mainland and for some reason, Google maps didn’t alert us of imminent traffic at Ikoyi towards Third Mainland bridge. If there was traffic here then I can only wonder what it would be like on the bridge. No way! I would rather take an Uber back to the Island than to be stuck in this traffic. Fortunately, Nonso had a plan. His plan was that we stop by any nearby lounge for a drink to wait the traffic out. My first thought was that Dolphin estate should have a nice spot inside, but Nonso knew of one coded place inside Osbourne Foreshore Estate II by the waterside.

Usually whenever I hear of lounges by the waterside, first thing that comes to my mind is that it’s a place for weed smokers and I’m not big on that, but I just thought I should take my chances hoping that there won’t be anyone smoking here.

As the traffic slowly moved, Nonso swerved his car to the right, and there we found ourselves inside Foreshore Estate, and into another gate. This area had quite a large space for parking and didn’t really feel like it was a waterside restaurant to me, so we walked in, lo and behold, it was more like a Jetty turned restaurant. This seemed to me like a very nice idea! Why waste all that good space?

As we strolled in through the jetty isle, we grabbed our seats at the very end where we could even have a live view of the traffic situation on Third Mainland bridge. Such an interesting view as we watched car tail lights flicker, fishermen casting nets and boats speeding across the Lagos lagoon. Fortunately, there was nobody smoking at this hour so it struck me to ask a waiter whether people actually come here to smoke. Her reply was “maybe cigarettes, but weed? No! Management won’t allow that”. I was impressed, at least I can sit in comfort all through my stay here.

Anyways, seeing that the traffic wasn’t going to stop anytime soon and it was already getting dark, we decided to just have dinner rather than only drinks, that way, time might fly faster. So, we ordered the same things. Asun, Croaker Fish fillets, served with Fried Yams plus Chapman.

While waiting for our meals, we vibed to all sorts of music from the DJ’s playlists, from old school, to contemporary Naija sounds to basically a little mix of all genres. As soon as our meal arrived, we began to feel tiny bits of raindrops on our heads, we knew we had to move under the shed, so we did. Just at this area was a snooker board for pool playing lovers who’d like to have a beer on the side while playing snooker.

Our food arrived, we indulged in our very spicy Asun first before conquering our fish and yam chips. We loved every bit of what we had.

It turned out that it didn’t rain again as It threatened and we checked the bridge for the traffic situation from our seats. Seeing that the traffic at the bridge was moving, now seemed like the best time to take our leave.

The manager walked right into us while we were about leaving and talked about how bubbly it usually is here on Friday evenings. I guess Nonso and I should totally visit here again on a Friday. This should be a good way to pass the evening before hitting the club 😉




ASUN – ₦1,000

CHAPMAN – ₦2,000





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