When Lagos people say “I don’t do mainland things”, I usually never understand the discrimination though. I mean, isn’t it One Lagos? And what’s the segregation between mainland and Island for crying out loud, like when someone asks “where do you live”, I stay in Lekki, you?” “I stay on the mainland”. That thing pisses me off! Like come on! Mainland is a very big place, where exactly do you stay? This was the same thing that happened when my boss sent me on an errand to the mainland. That day was nearly a mess for me. Boss just booked me an Uber and said I will be going to the mainland for a meeting with a business partner of his. In my mind, I thought I was probably going to Surulere or Yaba, or maybe even Apapa, not knowing that this Uber was taking me all the way to Ikeja! This journey was mad far with all that traffic! What’s worse was that I hadn’t eaten that morning. Now I could understand why Island people don’t like coming to mainland and vice versa. Alas! My Uber finally arrived at Wema Bank Alausa where I had my 3 hours meeting. The longest 3 hours of my life with a hungry stomach! I was so famished that I needed me some real food, not all those foreign dishes I would normally have when I visit other restaurants. So I asked around for the nearest restaurant, and someone pointed me to one, Nooks Café & Bar, just inside of the same complex.

Nook here seemed to me like a small café, so I was wondering if they would have real food that my stomach actually needs. The outside seemed welcoming and well packaged so I thought I might as well just go in and maybe have a look at their menu. When I stepped in, I got the feel of a minimal space that could typically help for work break meals and afternoon casual hangouts. Décor, captivating enough and well managed to fit into such space, photo frames of the owners taken with various celebrities and a mini bar that serves the purpose of shaking and mixing your preferred cocktails. English defines “Nook” as a small corner for recess and I think this place perfectly fits to that definition, although, I don’t know if that was the idea of the owners but it sure did make sense to me.

At this point, I jumped on their menu and it was filled with Nigerian stuffs, Yes! Just what I needed. So I asked for a Quarter Chicken, Jollof Rice and Fried Plantain on the side that came well decorated like they were serving Queen Elizabeth or something. I also asked for a Blue Hawaii cocktail on the side and I watched how the bar man dramatically mixed and shaked his cocktails, in my mind I was like “what a showoff”, but it was quite a good sight.

I finished my meal probably in less than 15 minutes because damn I was so hungry and damn food was good, so all my digestive guts were wide open to receive with excitement. My cocktail glass was so full that it made my stay longer here, so I just passed my time watching TV as I sipped. At this point, I got so filled up, both the food and the drink were very filling.

Well, I had to take my leave eventually. It was nice having lunch here, I guess my day didn’t turn out that badly after all, thanks to good food 🙂.

If you’ve visited The Nook Café and Bar, let’s know your thoughts in the comment section.


BLUE HAWAII – ₦2,200








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