Mama warned me never to gamble again! Today has to be a warning, else, I will end up selling my birth right at some point in this life. Yesterday I lost a bet to my friend Ebere, and no it wasn’t a football bet, I rather won’t say what it was. Anyways, I owed my friend work lunch at a Chinese restaurant.

Your mind is probably like, “who bets on things like food?” Durrh, us! We are foodies! 😂 Anyways, the problem now was, we work in Lekki and my mind was on how to drive the distance to Victoria Island for a decent Chinese meal and still make it back to the office in time. Obviously that would have been an impossible venture, but lo and behold, Ebere knew a Chinese place inside Lekki 1….I was actually shook! How is it that she knows restaurants and I don’t? She told me it’s just on road 14, so I had my eyes rolling, trying to use my imaginative navigation skills to locate this restaurant but I couldn’t visualize it on my imaginary map, lol, so my thoughts were, it had to be some type of road side wannabe Chinese restaurant that this girl is talking about or one Chinese mama put like that 🙈 Okay, let me sha follow her and see. In fact, to be honest, I actually kinda felt good because if it’s not a fancy place like that, I might just save myself some extra bucks on the usual Lagos restaurant ambience (you know it’s ambience and decor that we mostly pay for in Lagos restaurants, right?) 😂

“Okay Ebere, let’s drive down there. We are just going to breeze in and breeze out, if possible just buy takeaway and head back to the office”, cos my mind wasn’t made up that a Chinese place in Lekki that I don’t know would have a cosy enough environment for us to actually enjoy a decent meal.

Okay you know what, let me stop stressing this too much, let me just fast forward to when we eventually drove down to this restaurant called Woks & Koi. Firstly, my surprise is that it was somewhere we had to park in a parking premises, not roadside. Okay, it’s seeming like it’s actually a real restaurant with a massive signage and all at the entrance. So we comfortably parked in, even though there weren’t that many cars parked because it was a work afternoon, I could tell that here could take about 6 cars comfortably. So, we walked in, and I was marveled! It’s actually a nice place. As in like it’s a full blown restaurant and all, feeling all cosy, ambience on fleek, quite a small space with private dining area, Chinese round table, a mini bar no TV (except in the private area) and waiters who seemed quite knowledgeable about their job. So I was like, “wow, this girl really surprised me”. At this point to be honest I started shivering, cos I was earlier excited that I wasn’t going to spend much, now it’s like it’s the opposite oh. There’s no way a cosy place like this will serve cheap food, lol. So I grudgingly asked the waiter for the menu. I started seeing numbers that my eyes could not believe, like there was a mistake with the pricing or something? Prices seeming like up to 30% less than the regular Chinese restaurants I normally visit in VI. I couldn’t comprehend why a nice upscale casual restaurant would be that cost friendly, but well, thank God for me, my confident level rose up again to its full glory! 😅

That is how we started to order, Ebere tried to be considerate with me, but because I saw it was affordable, I don’t know the devil that pushed me to start ordering for heaven and Earth 😭

I actually went full blown 3 course meal, my account balance was looking at me like 🙄

So Ebere ordered for Woks & Koi Special Fried Rice with Sweet & Sour Chicken, while I ordered for Singapore Noodles with Beef in Bird’s Nest.

I thought we should try out some Steamed Dumplings with Prawns for starters, while we wait for mains.

The starter came quite quickly, and it came alongside a young lady who warmly approached us and quietly asked if she could have a picture of us for their social media page. We didn’t mind, as a matter of fact I got a little conversational with her. I asked her “how come the food is quite affordable and what is the concept of the restaurant?” She only gave brief details that the owner’s aim is to provide good Chinese food at a relatively cosy environment for every class of persons to enjoy. She said she couldn’t understand why the bulk of authentic Chinese restaurants were high-end so she took it upon herself to build us kitchens that serve out meals of equally high standard at much more affordable rates. They started off in Abuja and have now spread to Lagos.

So, by the time we finished our yummy main dishes arrived. Another feast of yumminess….and the portions were massive! Jeeeez! Oh, did I forget to mention I had also ordered for some desserts and Woks & Koi Signature Cocktail? We had The Brownie Overload and Woks and Koi Sundae. At this point, I knew we’d definitely take some away back to work. So we comfortably ate and ate and ate and ate. See me thinking we will only come in for takeaways, here was just comfortable enough for dining in, coupled with the fact that dining in doesn’t attract extra charges unlike many restaurants.  So allow us to kindly enjoy our time here without paying anything extra! 😊

Overall, we spent a little bit over an hour here and it was actually time well spent. It was time to go back to the office and sleep. Lol.

If you stay in Lekki and at some point you check this place out, don’t forget to use the comment section to share your experiences as well.









SUNDAE – ₦2,200



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