Words will not be able to explain the satisfaction in my heart right now. I’m still giving myself a tummy rub as I write this….all because of the Nkwobi I had a few hours ago!

Nkwobi (spicy goat feet) is an esteemed Igbo delicacy and my throat had been shaking for it for weeks. Beer parlours aren’t my thing and that seems to be the easiest place to find this very traditional dish so I assigned CK the task of finding a bit of an upscale place for me to quench my craving, so we drove right into the gates of Xovar Lounge….you should see the largeness of this place, very unlike Lekki establishments. Anyways, I hear they have been here really really long, before the land price craze I guess, I wonder how they managed to keep this place still looking forever new.

We were extremely happy to have abundant parking space even though the restaurant was extremely full with people on this Friday. My colleague, Nanya drove me while CK came in his own car, both cars were positioned nicely without the need for struggle driving and we walked into the cluster of sitting arrangements. We had trouble deciding on whether to dine indoor the outdoor. Indoor was ruled out when Nanya informed us that she would like to make snapchat videos and it was too dark for her; this place was made for you to feel like you are in a dark cozy room with a mini bar in it. I wonder why anyone would need more enclosure again inside here but they have a VIP room wrapped around in big red curtains for people who like extreme privacy.

We went back outside and still got spoilt with options for where to sit. The waitress showed us a place called “The Red Room” which is apparently a bar area with bar stools and round table sittings, then she took us to their catfish pond close to the grill house, which I suppose would be the area where the get their fish from to grill and for pepper soup. We finally decided to grab our seats a middle ground, not that we even had many options in a full house anyways. From our little enquiries, the entire restaurant gets filled up in a finger snap, especially on Friday evenings…..here is quite a popular domain for the men them. This was definitely a compound of the Xovar family.

My eyes and ears were seriously entertained the moment we settled down. Everywhere I turned, there was a large screen showing a football game of Manchester United and some other team. I do not watch football but those Man.U players are too fine for me to ignore. Then the waitresses had some sort of poise to them, they moved about in smart fashionable African print attires as if they were stylishly in tune with the beats blasting from their large speakers. This place could serve a mini club on busy nights, I guess. And with the number of waiters lurking around, I would like to believe that one won’t have issues with finding a waiter to cater to their tables.…. lots of them everywhere dressed in a traditional attire. There was even a constant cleaning staff on standby to prevent flies visiting, as you know, outdoor spaces and flies go hand in hand.

My last eye magnet is the building that overlooks the lounge….House on the Rock Church….an architectural work of art. Staring at it while sipping a cold beer might give you some sort of mind clarity.

Our waitress had her face made up attractively and really impressed me with her memory….baby took our orders with no paper and pen….my Nkwobi and Daiquiri, CK’s Steak and Potato Wedges with Mojito, Nanya’s Spicy Fish and French Fries with Screaming Orgasm (some cocktail names kill me). The pricing made me remember that this was not a beer parlor!

With my no-shame game on, I descended on my pot of treasure. Thankfully, the crowd that filled up the space didn’t seem to notice my unladylike eating skills, they were too busy with their bottles of beer, plates of big whole fishes and fried yam (seems to be a famous meal here) and group conversations. Good thing the Man.U match was over, we would have been forced to listen to football analysis. The setting made me realize that this a heavy football watching zone, I wonder what it was like the days Nigeria played during the World cup. Same way it was obvious that it was home to a lot of mini shows, I had sighted a life band poster somewhere.

When I was done munching, one of the waiters approached me and asked if I’d like some shawarmas from the grill for the road. Wasn’t craving that at that time, but guess who will be back here?





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